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Frequently Asked Questions

I am Interested in a Career in Holistic Medicine, What Questions Should I Be Asking Myself?

One of the most important questions we can begin asking ourselves as holistic health practitioners is simply “How can I serve?”

Here are a few more things to consider.

What naturally excites you in the field of holistic medicine? What are you drawn to and can’t get enough of?

What are you ultimately passionate about and excited to share with the world?

Is there a gap in your local (or online) community that you can fill a niche in perhaps? 

More specifically, is there a common condition or health concern that you’ve already almost become an expert at through self-study and actual personal experience? 

Do you have your own take or special twist on some popular concepts out there? 

These are all good places to start. 

Do you already know, or want to learn more about a certain topic and truly become an expert in your field?

Do you wish to serve a local or a global market community —or both?

Do you want to work one-on-one with others and in person, or do you prefer to work remotely due to your location or schedule?

Can you see yourself working locally in your own brick and mortar practice?

Or can you see yourself working for someone else’s private practice?

Do you want to reach the masses, go public, and reach a wider audience?

Most graduates will do various combinations of these options.

You don’t have to know all the answers right now —just enjoy the moment as you prepare to embark upon this very sacred journey.

These questions are meant to spark your mind with inspiration and show you endless possibilities.

Your path will naturally unfold as it’s meant to when you allow your intuition to guide you.

Check out the next section for more career direction and work options!

Program Updates

We are in process and preparing our Advanced Holistic Nutrition Doctorate (AHND) for National Association of Nutrition Practitioners (NANP) program approval.

In addition, we are in the process of combing every course and adding our own lectures so students can complete their programs more succinctly.

We will also be adding new coursework in homeopathy, zyto, biomeridian, telomerase, patches, and nebulizers biofeedback.

There’s more coursework to be added in addition to that for current graduates to utilize as free CEUs for their yearly board certifications requirements.

I'm Ready to Enroll —What Should I Do First?

You may enroll at anytime. Enroll here!

What Can Graduates Actually Do?

Are you ready to unfold your true and radiant self! Are you ready to trust your path and step into your own authentic power? 

What you learn at the School of Holistic Medicine will help you manifest your own full health potential so you can maximize your own self-healing.

Become fluid in your intuition, sharp on your instinct, and fully able to approach healing in an integrated way by combining naturopathy, herbalism, nutrition, and spiritual medicine for a multi-targeted approach. 

While we offer a playful approach and an organic learning experience, our work is serious.

We tend to take for granted our knowledge and assume everyone else is as well educated inters of holistic medicine. 

The truth is, very few people, including licensed medical doctors and naturopathic physicians learn all the things you will here. We are a specialty of our own! You will have a lot of incredible things to put on your resume from our courses alone. 

Students who choose the School of Holistic Medicine have a high level of commitment and an opportunity to become experts in their field.

Graduates can practice in a variety of diverse environments.

Many find themselves providing support locally to doctors of functional medicine or naturopathic physicians in private practice. 

Those with a focus on plant medicine may find themselves working locally in herbal pharmacopia, product manufacturing, herbal farming, or botanical illustration. 

Many will become public figures in their their niche and create unique content for social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok in order to reach the common collective.

A select few may start a podcast or a channel. Other graduates will author books and commit their life to research and educating the masses.

Some will focus predominantly on one thing only and become the national ‘go to’ person for that specific niche in their country. Our graduates write articles on Medium and have their own private Facebook groups that they lead and procure clients for coaching and consulting.

If you’ve viewed the curriculum for the Tri-Doctorate, or any of our other programs, you can see each individual lesson and course offers an opportunity to specialize when you come across a healing modality that truly resonates!

Of course, that’s if you don’t already have one in mind.

If there’s something you want to specialize in that we don’t offer, let us know and we will do our best to integrate it.

Additionally, graduates can reach and serve others in person or remotely as holistic health practitioners, patient advocates, and coaches.

Even people in very small towns can do very well with their own practice, depending on a variety of factors.

All you need is motivation, a landing page, and the willingness to put yourself out there. We cover holistic business practices for graduates in Module 8. 

Everyone has to start somewhere. The key is to believe in yourself and to believe in your calling.

If you are just starting the journey, congratulations on being aligned enough with your heart space to even hear the call. There is a lot of ‘noise’ out there that prevents us from being in touch with the integrity our souls deepest longings. 

If you are here and reading this now, chances are you are a highly emotionally intelligent person who wants to make a difference in a field you are naturally passionate about.

We want you to know, as fellow healer and light workers, it’s ok to be a healer if that’s what you were meant to be.

You don’t have to shy away from that or apologize. 

Conventional career paths are not for everyone. What matters is authenticity and being your authentic self.

The world needs diversity. Holistic practitioners are the ‘it factor’ in the field of medicine. 

We come with all the information that conventional medical doctors and licensed naturopathic physicians do not get trained in.

Of course, we love and respect these professionals and recognize their dedication and educational accomplishments, but that in no way diminishes an alternate path you may take. 

The knowledge in our programs has the potential to transform individuals across society by helping them manifest their full health potential, one human at time.

There are not enough people in this field! If you feel called, you are in the right place. Heed the call! The sooner the better.

Don’t let 20 years go by and wonder ‘what-if’ you had done a program, where would you and your practice be now? 

Why let time slip away? A lot can happen in a year, but no one or nothing can take your education away, come what may. 

We represent the best school of our class and type. People looking for an organic, grass-roots learning experience that’s both intuitive and fun have found their educational home. 

Even if you choose to get more education in the future, this is a wonderful foundation.

We all have to start somewhere. You have to believe in yourself and your gifts of which we assure you are many! 

Everything will unfold as it is meant to on your journey. Just be brave enough to take the first step.

Feel the motivation of your future self carving out a name for yourself by serving others who need your knowledge and expertise. It’s that simple.

Don’t over complicate it! Just get learning!

We allow you to start practice after the completion of your first major course and/or module! 

Don’t wait to dive in! If you are here, you are ready! Be brave and begin the journey!

Doing what you were meant to do is both exciting and liberating. 

Believe in the divine expression of your highest and best self.

Commit to your highest vision without exception. 

Manifest your full potential with the School of Holistic Medicine. Enroll today! 

What Are Your Eligibility Requirements?

In theory, anyone can learn and apply the principles we teach! There are no pre-requisites or eligibility requirements whatsoever. All it requires is passion and a willing heart.

What Learning Materials Are Used in the Courses, Modules, & Programs?

Modules 1-3 have printable reference guides (PRGs), which make most reading optional unless otherwise indicated.

In the near future, the PRGs will be published and bound for students to purchase as a textbook format. Until then, most students read online or pint and add to their own binder.

We are in the process of creating PRGs for Modules 4-8.  Until then, students will purchase required reading as indicated.

Students learn from a complete repertoire of materials including our beautiful handpicked textbooks that students will use as desk references throughout their entire career.

Additional learning materials range from periodic journals, video lectures, documentaries, summits, anecdotal theory and evidence-based studies in natural medicine.

Tuition & Payment Plan Options

We offer several tuition payment plans for each program. You can view the curriculum and program pricing by clicking on the program pages. 

A Message From Our Founder

Dear Prospective Student,

Welcome to the Rockwell School of Holistic Medicine.

I’m so honored to have you here right now in this moment reading this message.

I know it’s a lot of pressure to choose the right holistic medicine school.

Now is your time to be in alignment with your work and we support that.

Join us as we pioneer a new wave of the most extensively trained holistic health practitioners in the world!

You can reach us anytime at our phone number via discovery call, text, or email!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Ava Rockwell

Founder, School of Holistic Medicine

Is the Rockwell School of Holistic Medicine Accredited?

The Rockwell School of Holistic Medicine has received program approval and professional accreditation from the American Natural Wellness Practitioner Board (ANWPB).

Our Traditional Naturopathic Doctorate (TND) program was invited for special accreditation from the American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners (AANWP), —of which only 3 other schools have previously ever been invited due to the rigor of their traditional naturopathic board exam.

We are also accreditated by the American Association for Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

We are listed on the American Naturopathic Certification Board (ANCB) website.

We are a member approved school of the Professional Wellness Alliance (PWA).

We support both the Gema Association and the PWA, both ecclesiastical organizations which protect our right to practice under the premise of non-denominational religious freedom.

New for 2022:

In addition, we are seeking endorsement by the National Association for Nutrition Professionals (NANP) for our Advanced Holistic Nutrition Doctorate (AHND) program in 2022.

We also plan to become members of the American Herbalist Guild (AHG) and the American Botanical Council (ABC).

We are now members of the United Seed Savers for Medical Plant Conservation (UPS).

We will also become a member of the National Medical Health Freedom Coalition (NMHFC).

Do I Have Lifetime Access & Continuing Education?

Unlike most natural health and herbal studies programs, with limited access and rigid deadlines, our students have lifetime access and continuing education at no additional cost. 

This ensures their knowledge stays current on trends in evidence-based natural medicine.

We act as a point of reference when it comes to your health because it’s easy to forget things, and things are always evolving.

Please join us as we build an ever growing community of like-minded individuals. You for sure have found your ‘tribe’. Welcome!

Estimated Program Completion Times

It takes 40-50 hours to compete Module 1.

We are currently testing remaining modules for approximate completion times. Some are longer than others.

A student working 10-12 hours per week should have no trouble completing a program with 6 months.

Students who can dedicate more time can complete programs faster.

Most students complete one program at a time within the coursework of the Rockwell Tri-Doctorate (RTD).

This makes each additional program easier to complete, because some modules are used interchangeably, such as Module 1. 

Module 1 is required for 3 of our 4 core programs. 

If you complete a Module in one program, you do not have to repeat it, making completion of your 2nd and 3rd program that much faster.

Where May I Preview the Various Program Curriculums?

You can check out each program curriculum on the individual program page.

The program pages can be found in the main menu or on our home page when you scroll down mid-page.

Dietary Disclaimer

When it comes to our Advanced Holistic Nutrition Doctorate Program (AHND), and our overall vibe, we do not advocate for any specific diet.

We teach traditional, indigenous, cultural, and modern diets from across the globe.

We teach differing perspectives on the pros and cons of both veganism and carnivore diets.

We do not subscribe to one specific school of dietary thought for many reasons.

We urge students and graduates alike to practice tolerance and to be all-inclusive in their approach to healing, barring none, including those whose diet you may not agree with.

This is a journey, and we respect everyone is in different places of their personal evolution.

Grace, humility, and tolerance for others is required to practice the healing arts.

We also encourage students to save all of their hard convictions on diet until they complete Module 1 and Module 5, even if they have studied nutrition elsewhere.

How Can You Tell if the School of Holistic Medicine is Right for You?

There are a lot of wonderful schools out there that present an opportunity for what we consider ‘adult unschooling’.

Unschooling is a unique concept that derives from the idea of self-directed learning.

Most of society considers unschooling as a radical form of homeschool, and for some perhaps that is the case.

In actuality, it’s a term which represents the concept of simply studying and learning what we are interested in.

Career-wise, people can better benefit themselves and others when they study what they are naturally inclined towards verses what ‘society’ says they should learn.

We can unabashedly say that we are the best school of our class and type, but we are not right for everyone.

When people ask how to decide, I always encourage them to listen to their intuition and peruse our curriculum which can be found in the navigation menu.

You will know right away after reviewing the curriculum if our programs are right for you.

As an added bonus, we do provide lifetime access and continuing education at no additional cost.

People also love that we allow you to earn while you learn and start your practice with the first major course or module you complete.

Most people choose the School of Holistic Medicine because they believe our programs will provide the knowledge and skill sets they need to practice confidently and safely.

Besides all that —it’s a vibe. 🌲🧚‍♀️🍄

Are There Required Textbooks?

It can be challenging to get books in certain countries, especially post-pandemic.

Due to such, we are working towards custom printable reference guides for all 8 modules which comprise our 5 programs. 

Currently we have digital reference guides available up through Module 3. 

This is a process and will time some time, but eventually you will be able to order your own desktop copy of printable reference guides for each module!

What is the Program Structure?

We have 5 programs, one of which combines our 4 base programs.

Our Rockwell Tri-Doctorate (RTD) combines the traditional naturopathy, clinical herbalism, and advanced holistic nutrition programs all-in-one.

In addition to these programs, we generously include our 4th and final program, Spiritual Medicine & Esoteric Arts (SMEA) with the RTD, represented by Module 6.

SMEA (Module 6), is an additional,  optional bonus program.

In essence, by enrolling in the RTD you will receive you 4 complete programs.

Each of our programs are comprised of some combination of 8 interchangeable learning modules.

The Tri-Doctorate is the only program which combines all 8 modules.

Visit the individual program pages to check which modules are included with your program of interest if the RTD isn’t right for you.

Students earn printable certificates of competition with every major course, module, or program they complete.

You can view our certificates of completion at the bottom of our home page.

Holistic Business Practices

Students learn all about holistic business practices in Module 8.

This helps graduates prepare and explore their strengths and weaknesses. They learn about marketing and career knowledge in this field.

Module 8: Holistic Business Practices help graduates build the courage to really put themselves ‘out there’ for success.

It shows how others have done so and continue to do so with remarkable success.

In this module, we provide you with tools to help strengthen self-esteem and provides office tools and templates for practice.

This is important before endeavoring ourselves in the service of others. 

As our students transition to graduates, we hope they feel aligned with their purpose and supported by our community. 

Medical Disclaimer

Our graduates may not treat (disease), diagnose (medical conditions), or prescribe (pharmaceutical drugs), unless otherwise licensed to do so. 

What Do Your Certificates of Completion Look Like?

Students are provided with printable certificates of completion for all of our major courses, modules, and programs.

Check out what they look like at the bottom of this page. Each program, module, or course has it’s own colored seal.

Graduation Requirements

There are 5 steps for students to meet graduation eligibility and receive their certificate of completion, or (COC), which include the following:

  • completion of program coursework

Students enrolled in the Rockwell Tri-Doctorate (RTD) generally choose to complete one program at a time.

  • review of completed coursework
  • 20-minute exit interview
  • doctoral thesis

If you have dyslexia, or a language barrier in terms of writing in English, please contact us regarding other options. 

  • pay remaining tuition

We expand more on our graduation requirements here.

Right of Refusal

We did not want to make rules like this, but we have had to out of necessity to protect the School of Holistic Medicine and the public.

This is why we reserve the right of refusal to issue a certificate of completion for any reason.

Why? Cheating, that’s why. It’s cheating —plain and simple. 

In addition, you can not do these programs ‘on your phone’. You will need an actual computer to learn your lessons thoroughly.

Students who are caught cheating will not be refunded.

We love the idea of an all-inclusive community. We want to take everyone in, but our programs are not right for everyone.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen time and time again where people want to finish a 3-6 month+ program overnight.

While some can finish in 3 months to 6 months theoretically, most people take much longer than 2 weeks for example!

We have had people sign up and literally less than 12 days later, claim completion of a doctorate program.

This sort of behavior is extremely unfair to the graduates who have actually put in the hours and had to complete the program properly.

It is also a disservice to the SOHM, —as these type of students won’t be able to practice in the high-quality manner the public deserves.

If someone wants to fast track, they will need to contact us in advance and exhibit total excellence in every way.

For us, it’s a serious red flag of concern, as we don’t wish to have a bad reputation like some other natural health schools, —meaning the risk of illegitimate practice and liability.

If a student is trying to move that quickly and finish in under 2 weeks, or even 30-days, then they are not the right candidate for the Rockwell School of Holistic Medicine.

We want you to take time with your studies and spend the necessary amount of time to really become an expert in your field.

Our Board from our Office of Admissions makes decisions about COCs, —meaning it is not up to one single person to refuse a COC.

Coursework is examined, and if you’ve done everything that you’re supposed to do in your program, and not just breezed through the lessons, then you will have 0 issues.

Additionally, technically speaking, no one needs a COS to practice in an unregulated industry.

However, it is nice to have a school you can trust and a name you can stand behind.

That’s why we’re here, to hone your knowledge and skill sets, —and to provide you with a lifelong community!

Thank you in advance for your understanding and compliance with regard to this issue.

Can I Change My Program Once I've Enrolled?

We are unable to change the program a student has enrolled in.

We have 4 individual programs in the areas of traditional naturopathy / holistic health, clinical herbalism, advanced holistic nutrition, and spiritual medicine.

Only one of our programs, the Rockwell Tri-Doctorate (RTD), combines all 3 core disciplines and offers a bonus, optional program which explores spiritual medicine.

This is because in a perfect world, we believe all graduates and holistic health practitioners would know all 3 core disciplines.

Many students come to us with some degree of a nutritional background, and consider skipping our Advanced Holistic Nutrition Doctorate (AHND).

However, graduates of our AHND program repeatedly tell us it is bar none the best education on this subject they’ve ever received.

Different schools have different philosophies on diet and nutrition, —which is great. The more you learn, the more you can decide what will work for you in your own practice.

This is why we strongly suggest students take advantage of the RTD program where they can complete one program at a time.

This provides incredible economic savings, professional advantage, and opportunity, —however we totally understand some students really are interested in one specific subject.

Which Modules Are Required for Each Program?

Traditional Naturopathy (TND) 

Module 1, Module 2, Module 4, & Module 7

Clinical Herbalism (CHD)

Module 1, Module 3, Module 4, & Module 7

Advanced Holistic Nutrition (AHND)

Module 1, Module 5, & Module 7

Spiritual Medicine (SMEA)

Module 6

Optional Modules for All Programs

Module 8 is optional

What Are Graduates Not Allowed To Do?

Graduates may not treat, diagnose, or prescribe. Specifically, graduates may not treat disease, diagnose conditions, or prescribe pharmaceutical drugs.

Graduates may not use the words treat, diagnose, or prescribe in their practice, —as this may result in legal issues or prison.

Instead of ‘treatment’ you may be able to use protocol in some jurisdictions, but you must verify this based on your geographical location and the laws pertaining to your city, state, or country. 

As the founder, I always tell people I can’t treat, diagnose, or prescribe, —but this or X (solution), is what I would do in their situation if I were them, or if they were my child. 


We do not offer refunds for course, modules, or programs. Once access has been granted, all payments are final. 

Your Rights & Responsibilities

You are responsible to do the program and courses within.

We teach iodine, and we see people literally ‘skim’ the lessons.

If people try to practice iodine and they are not iodine literate, they can be really dangerous to the public.

We only want students who are responsible and take their studies seriously.

We get a lot of students who attend “this” school or “that” school. That is great!

Those schools however do not teach what we teach.

One can notskim‘ iodine, or naturopathic oncology, or orthomolecular medicine.

It simply can not be done, nor is it ethical.

We have a reputation to uphold. We appreciate attracting students who help us uphold these standards rather than hamper them.

Cheating & Unethical Practice

Believe it or not, as crazy as it sounds, we get some students who actually cheat.

Anyone who is caught cheating our system will be removed from our programs, without refund.

It is important to complete all lessons, essays, and quizes.

We also have a stringent graduation process. Please review the entire FAQ before enrolling.

In addition, we reserve the right to remove anyone from a program who we have proof is or was cheating. 

We know this sounds harsh, but we can’t put the public, the school, or other graduates at risk by irresponsible, unethical individuals.