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Immerse Yourself in the World of Holistic Medicine with Our Slightly Rebellious, Online Natural Health Programs  That You Won’t Find at Your Local University or Community College


Light Workers Are Needed

The School of Holistic Medicine represents a collective of professional light workers who promote self-healing from within ourselves and others, whenever and wherever possible. More than ever, the world needs healers. The demand for holistic practitioners is at an all time high!


Heart-Centered Individuals

We serve heart-centered individuals who feel called to this journey. They wish to share the beauty of natural medicine in order to help others manifest their full health potential one human at a time. 


Inspire Healing

Our students learn evidence-based natural medicine and anecdotal theory, also known as “the people’s medicine” and combine these educational disciplines for the highest and best good —which is to inspire healing. 


Curious About Career Paths?

Do you want to find your own special path or carve out a career niche in holistic medicine? It’s easy! Just do what you love— like what brought you here and what inspires you! We talk more about career options below!


Certificates of Completion

Students receive certificates of completion for each major course, module, or program they complete! You can see examples of our certificates of completion below! If using a mobile device, turn your phone sideways for the best viewing experience.


Lifetime Access

Our students receive lifetime access and continuing education at no additional cost! We want you to be able to access this comprehensive information anytime you need it! We also want a community to call on and build connections for the future of our practice.


Earn While You Learn

Our students can begin practicing or take on an internship with a local holistic business, apothecary, herbalist store, or functional medicine doctor and receive proof of completion after each major course, module, or program they finish! 


Clinical Hours

This allows our students to gain experience as they build their practice and earn clinical hours. It is also good for certain kinds of herbal registration or for holistic board certification. It’s ideal to practice what you know while it’s fresh to cement your knowledge and skillsets.


Industry Influencers

Many will become public figures in their their own right or niche and create unique content for social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok. This is an incredible time to be alive and reach a global market by being your authentic self. It’s your time.


Career Options

Graduates can practice in a variety of diverse environments. Many find themselves providing support to doctors of functional medicine or to naturopathic physicians in private practice. Sometimes they open practices of their own in a particular specialty.


Become an Expert!

Students who choose the School of Holistic Medicine have a high level of commitment and an opportunity to become experts in their field. It’s easier than you think to carve out a niche for yourself and love your ideal, dream work. Can you envision it now?


Reach the Collective

Our graduates can reach and serve the collective in person and remotely as holistic health practitioners, patient advocates, and coaches. All you need is motivation, a landing page, and the willingness to put yourself out there. 

Career Paths for Holistic Health Practitioners?

There are so many things you can do when you heart is in a place of integrity and alignment with the journey you’re being called towards. 




A traditional naturopath, or holistic health practitioner, goes beyond the scope of nutrition and herbalism. They are knowledgeable about all facets of alternative and complementary medicine that most licensed naturopaths and conventional medical doctors never get the chance to study in med school. This program will change your life from the start by teaching you about weather therapy, the many uses of sodium bicarbonate or pH medicine, medical ozone (oxygen medicine), and iodine, the miracle elemental.



There are many different schools of thought when it comes to herbalism. We touch on all them so you can become familiar and gain expertise in more than just one type of herbal specialty. For example, you will study western herbalism, Chinese herbalism, Native American Herbalism, medicinal mushrooms, and more! You will learn about every facet of herbalism, including foraging, ethical wildcrafting, and how herbs provide vitamins and minerals we need.



Food is at the core of our health stability. Disease and diet trends present foreboding outcomes. That’s why our advanced holistic nutrition program goes above and beyond to explore radical nutrition and fringe medicine. We peel back all the layers regarding food, culture, and society, while exploring both traditional and non-traditional diets from across the globe. Students demystify every aspect of nutrition in this program.

healing is to make whole


Our Program Offerings

The Rockwell Tri-Doctorate

8 Modules

The Rockwell Tri-Doctorate is our most popular program and combines all of our educational disciplines in one; traditional naturopathy, clinical herbalism, and advanced holistic nutrition. We include our Spiritual Medicine Program as an additional bonus. Students may complete one course or program at a time, which allows them to begin their practice utilizing completed courses to essentially earn while they learn.

Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy & Doctorate of Certified Holistic Health

5 Modules

There are two kinds of naturopathy, traditional and licensed. Our program for traditional naturopathy teaches modalities such as spa and weather therapies. Students also learn all about life-giving iodine, medical ozone, vibrational medicine, flower essences, aromatherapy, and naturopathic oncology.  

Doctorate of Clinical Herbalism

5 Modules

A clinical herbalist is a type of holistic practitioner who predominantly utilizes their knowledge of herbs and plant medicine, such as medicinal mushrooms, to help support others in manifesting their full health potential. Students study a wide range of curriculum that includes plant energetics, medicinal mushrooms, and a concept known as ‘re-wilding’.

Doctorate of Spiritual Medicine & Esoteric Arts

3 Modules

This Spiritual Medicine & Esoteric Arts program will help you discover the the hidden realm of natural healing across indigenous cultures and both traditional and non-traditional religions.

Doctorate of Advanced Holistic Nutrition

4 modules

Our Advanced Holistic Nutrition Program offers an “avant-garde” approach to the food we put in our bodies and take look at food from all angles. We are seeking NANP certification in the near future. 

Naturopathic Oncology

1 course

In our naturopathic oncology course, we offer a proactive approach by teaching our students cutting-edge, alternative and complementary cancer care treatments that real people have used. This is an empowering course that gives people options if they just want to know what’s going on in this field of medicine.

A Few Reasons Why Peoplehearts iconThe School of Holistic Medicine

Fills in the gaps self-education leaves behind
Helps students discover and define their strengths and find their specialty
Encourage responsible, ethical, and effective practice above all else
Helps individuals manifest their full potential and become experts in their field

enroll today & Help us pioneer a new wave of the most extensively trained & sought after holistic health practitioners in the world. 

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