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Medicinal Mushroom Super Heroes

⁠Here’s a quick lesson to get you started—

Cordyceps (pronounced ‘cord-a-ceps’):

Cordyceps will help protect the lungs and oxygenate the entire body. ⁠Good for diabetics!

—Strongly recommended for this Covid-19 infection before, during, and after. ⁠

Next up —

Reishi (pronounced ree-shee or rye-shi):

Reishi will help support mood and balance stress as the ultimate adaptogen during these trying times. ⁠

Reishi also helps support brain health.

It is said to reduce and prevent the combined effects of neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer’s, etc.

It has also been shown to prevent cancer related tumor growth. ⁠

Next up —

Turkey Tail —this is excellent for immune function. ⁠

People who take it often report being exposed to someone who is sick, and never getting it or taking it after exposure and being ‘cleared’ by morning…

There are other medicinal mushrooms, but these are our top 3 picks to get you started.

New to mushroom shopping?

Buying mushroom products can be confusing and expensive.

Don’t do it by trial and error!


Many people like Amazon because of the fast delivery and generous refund / return policy, but some people like the more out of the way stores.

Today, we provide you with both options.

At the end, I will tell you where I personally order, that way you have more than one choice.

Let’s talk briefly about the cordyceps controversy.

Here’s an article to learn more about the different types of cordyceps.

After I read the article, I was fairly impressed with the piece, written by Real Mushrooms.

When it comes to mushrooms, you can take them as a tea, which I don’t think is strong enough —you can have them as a powder, mixed in broths or warm water. Or you can take them as a tincture. I think it might be ideal to double up on them as a tincture and a powder, but you can just do one if you like.

More Grass-roots-y Brands

Here are some tinctures —

Turkey Tail Tincture 

Cordyceps Tincture

Here are some options From Starwest Botanicals & Mountain Rose Herbs

Note: These herbs below vary in price depending on amount purchased —


Reishi (They don’t have turkey tail or cordyceps)

Mountain Rose Herbs 

Cordyceps (They don’t have turkey tail or reishi —not this is going to contain some mycelium vs. pure fruiting body)

Brands from Amazon
Mushroom Tincture Set

by Life Cykel $160 (but they have different sets or buy single tinctures)

Real Mushrooms

Reishi Extract Powder $35 for 1.6 oz (terrible cost to value)

Turkey Tail Extract Powder $35 for 1.6 oz (again, overpriced!)

Cordyceps Extract Powder $30 for 2 oz (wow!) 

Which ones would I order!?!

I’d probably stick with Real Mushrooms, but it might be cost-prohibitive for most. In that case, you can purchase from Starwest and Mountain Rose and just tincture your own or use their powders! I will update this article in the future with more mushrooms.

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