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You may be getting asked that a lot if you go into the field of traditional naturopathy because we help produce and co-create the most talented traditional naturopaths and certified holistic health practitioners in the world.

A Heart-to-Heart on Traditional Naturopathy


A traditional naturopath is someone educated in alternative and complementary healing modalities, known collectively as holistic medicine or natural health. However, traditional naturopaths, or holistic health practitioners, do not practice medicine, nor do they treat, diagnose, or prescribe.
This includes the use and promotion of self-injections, even something as 'innocent' as vitamin B-12 shots, for example, regardless of the laws in their state, as this is outside the scope of our practice.
Furthermore, TNDs are not NDs. Graduates from our program may not use the professional designation 'ND'.
In some states, they may be legally permitted to use 'TND' (for traditional naturopathic doctor) or 'TNP' (for traditional naturopathic practitioner).
However, other states restrict any use of the term naturopath at all —this includes licensed naturopaths, who must practice as 'health coaches' in such jurisdictions.
Students and graduates are responsible for doing their own research for the laws in their own city, state, and country to see if it is more preferable to use  'CHHP', for 'certified holistic health practitioner' as an alternative.
According to Bill Bailey, a traditional naturopath, "The practice of Traditional Naturopathy is recognized as a common occupation at the Federal level (U.S. Congress 1928, 1930, and 30 Federal Court rulings between 1958 and 1978) and as such it is a profession protected under the 14th and 9th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution."
Several states have also made this stipulation either by statute or in the courts —while other states, such as Tennessee and Texas have outlawed it.
In such cases, graduates of our TND program may alternately practice as a CHHP, or certified holistic health practitioner.
Everyone is free to take any of our courses or modules, however, if you wish to enroll in and complete one of our programs, you would need to apply. 
Additionally,  first and foremost, understand that there is a difference between a licensed naturopathic physician and a traditional naturopathic practitioner. 
This is not the school to go to if you want to become a licensed naturopathic physician, as we only teach traditional (vs. licensed) naturopathy.
For more information, you are encouraged to read the following articles before applying:
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Our programs comprise a total of eight interchangeable learning modules. For the TND program, students are required to complete modules 1, 2, 4, 7, and 8. Modules can be viewed above in the navigation menu. 
Our Clinical Herbalism and Rockwell Tri-Doctorate Programs contain full coursework in aromatherapy, homeopathy, and iridology. Our iridology program is IIPA (International Iridology Practitioners Association) approved and meets member qualifying requirements of Iridology I & II. 
According to the politically controversial  World Health Organization's Benchmark for Training in Naturopathy (meaning traditional naturopathy), these alternative healthcare options dominate across the globe where conventional medical doctors are not widely available. 
We are proud to say that with the exception of clinical hours, Rockwell exceeds these academic standards. We also believe that students can get clinical hours caring for themselves and their family members. Please hover on the image to read the benchmarks yourself!
Unlike most herbal medicine and natural health schools, Rockwell students have lifetime access to our programs and continuing education at no additional cost. This is helpful for individuals who seek professional board certification for holistic practitioners, which requires 10-20 yearly CEUs (continuing education units) for candidates to maintain their status. This means never having to pay for continuing education again.
Traditional Naturopathy
Think of TNDs & CHHPS as specialists who learn a wide variety of alternative therapies and healing modalities that go far beyond what most people can even imagine. Unlike herbalists who work almost exclusively within the realm of herbs and plant energetics, TNDs and CHHPs can offer their clients knowledge outside of herbalism and nutrition, like hydrotherapy and medical ozone. 

Clinical Herbalism, Botanical Medicine, & Plant Energetics
CHDs learn everything about plant medicine, as well as mycology which is the study of fungi, like medicinal mushrooms. Their knowledge is anchored in the world of greenery right outside our door. They know far more about herbal medicine than their naturopath and nutrition peers.

Advanced Holistic Nutrition
AHNDs focus almost exclusively on holistic nutrition and therapeutic diets. Their level of understanding of nutrition far exceeds that of the TNDs and the CHDs. Think of them as nutritional experts. Food as medicine is their specialty!

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