Did you know that your typical nail polish is totally toxic? Yes ma’am! It’s found in the bloodstream, and I believe even the breast tissue, within 10 to 15-min (I can’t recall which, as I studied this years ago).

In any case, check out some search results for ‘dangers of nail polish’ or ‘scientific studies and chemicals in nail polish’. 

And then there’s the online myths about the ‘safe’ natural nail polishes. If this is safe, then the bad ones deemed toxic must be really bad! The nail polishes on this list are almost all equally toxic, or slightly less.  To me this article is nothing more than a self-serving heap of crap which deceives women. 

These guides are nothing more than featured ads and who pays the price? You and I. 

If you sample the polishes on the so-called “safe-list”, you will find most still have a noxious strong odor. A strong odor is an indicator of danger or chemicals. Think ‘toxic’.

Want a good example? Febreeze. Downey. Products you see at Bath & Body. This is what the community says about Febreeze and this is what some authorities are saying. 

I am super disappointed that EWG gave them a B. Maybe that product was less toxic, but I am wondering if I can trust EWG totally because Febreeze is a terrible company by default no matter what period! 

Why are they allowed to exist!?!? Polluting our lungs, our waterways in the making of their product. Essential oils are better suited!!! 

Don’t trust a company totally if it doesn’t ring true with you. There’s no way in heck anyone is going to convince me Febreeze is even relatively safe! 

Let’s get back to so-called “natural” nail polishes and then I’ll show you the only one that actually is. Look at this study on “non-toxic” nail polishes! 

I find this abhorrent and an outrage that the FDA and US Government, and any government, allows companies to produce this $@#!! Please excuse my French. 

Imagine what it does to nature, insects, frogs, and the waterways. This is nothing short of a common microcosm of ignorance and planetary exploitation of humans and animals alike.

The only nail polish I’ve found of legitimately incredible quality is Acquarella. Now, if that has something bad in it, sue me. It’s odorless, comes off easily, and has wonderful quality and color choices. I won’t use anything else in the world!

Don’t be misled anymore and be sure to check out our video on toxic nail polishes. Mind your nose, if it smells toxic, it is toxic. If it smells like a cancer-causing endocrine disruptor, then it is. 

Words to live by.

Leave a comment below if you’ve used Acquarella and/or if you have another suggestions. If it has a serious odor, it’s usually trash.