The Rockwell Tri-Doctorate (RTD)

Welcome to our most extensive program, the Rockwell Tri-Doctorate (RTD). Over 90% of our students choose this educational option.

This program combines all of our major programs including:

  • Traditional Naturopathy
  • Clinical Herbalism
  • Advanced Holistic Nutrition

With Spiritual Medicine offered as an optional, bonus program.

Graduates will may use the following titles: 

  • Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy (DTN)
  • Doctor of Clinical Herbalism (DCH)
  • Doctor of Advanced Holistic Nutrition (DAHN)
  • Doctor of Spiritual Medicine & Esoteric Arts (DSMEA)

You can learn more details on each of the individual program pages. 

We love the RTD because it teaches all four pillars of holistic medicine. 

Students are able to practice after completion of certain individual courses, such as Naturopathic Oncology or Iodine: The Miracle Elemental whilst continuing their studies in various other subjects.

You can view the full course curriculum below!


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