Piper heads the Rockwell Advanced Holistic Nutrition Program and our Nutrigenomics Minor. She holds a Bachelor of Science from New Mexico State University and is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner®, as well. In fact, she has more credentials than we can list here, including her training in advanced thyroid protocols as a Nutrigenomics Specialist. In lay terms, she understands everything about SNPs (pronounced ‘snips’). SNP is short for single-nucleotide-polymorphisms a.k.a. genetic mutations. Piper also possesses deep knowledge of MTHFR genetics, more commonly known as methylation. She is dedicated to continuing education because she wants to provide the best for her family and yours! Piper accepts clients through her own personal practice Regenerating Health. You can reach her through Facebook or her website!

Piper’s Skill Sets Include

% Digestive Health % SNPs % Nutrigenomics % Science