In my practice, I combine herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, homeopathy, my study as an Iyanifa (Ifa Priest), and Onisegun (Traditional Yoruba Herbalism), along with cultural aspects from 4 generations of family herbal knowledge and Muskogee practices.

My background includes Chemistry, Botany, Biology, and Phytochemistry, with experience working with the human genome and chromosome manipulation. I use principles from my generational knowledge, African-American root work remedies, Yoruba-based influence, along with spiritual practices to aid in healing the whole person. It’s honestly about finding the right balance in a world seemingly out of balance.

My goal to help you find a balance in your life, and heal any generational trauma along in the process. Healing myself with the help of spiritual means and herbalism, has caused me to no longer experience symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

It was only after I understood that healing our bodies physically, means we have to heal it emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as well. While I strive to assist everyone, one of my main goals is to reintroduce herbalism and healing with nature back into the Black  & Indigenous Communities.