Delisha heads the Rockwell Clinical Herbalist Doctorate Program. Her educational background is extensive and includes an MBA. Although, she says if she could go back, she focus solely on holistic medicine, namely herbalism. To read more, click her picture! Delisha started her education with Mott Community College and later transferred to Baker College. She graduated with her graduate degree from Baker College earning her M.B.A. in 2006. She completed her undergraduate degree in business administration in 1998. Delisha now teaches technology, as well. What is most dear to Delisha is her research and interest in African studies and herbalism. Delisha has served on several committees and as a board member with Charlotte Teachers Association (CTAC). She spends her free time with her grandchildren and crocheting various items for friends and family.

Delisha’s Skill Sets Include

% Holistic Health % Herbalism % African Studies % Business & Technology