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As it were, medical violence is real, and conventional medicine according to John Hopkins University is the 3rd leading cause of death in the USA and suspected globally to be the case. My goodness don’t take my word for it, read about it! There’s tons of ‘evidence’.
Here is one of many examples…
Most conventional doctors are iodophobic (a word coined by licensed medical professional / physician, Dr. David Brownstein), to indicate the sad, sad education that licensed medical doctors receive regarding the life-giving properties of iodine.
Most conventional medical doctors are clueless about iodine, and I do mean clueless! This is tragedy of epic proportions. Of course, some are not. Obviously the more functional in practice a physician is, the more he/she/they will know about it…
That’s why you may know tons more about iodine as an iodine literate practitioner (after taking our iodine course) than a physician.
Of course, they know much, much more about drug combinations and contraindications than you ever will (most likely). I’m sure you’re just so jealous! Kidding!
It takes me back to Shakespeare, a rose by any other name is still a rose, and a doctor by any other name is still a doctor, from the latin word docere —ie., meaning teacher. I don’t know about you, but when I go see a doctor they aren’t teaching me *#%* about #&%!.
Of course they are amazing (?) —yes most are! They are doing what they love or what will bring in the dough… supporting their families but I will never trust a regular “doctor” or even a “registered dietician” —no disrespect, but read up on my opinion regarding that here.
However.. rather than educate me… or know more than I do about most health subjects like nutrition, herbalism, and naturopathy, they know more about drugs and surgery and things of that nature! —which don’t involve nature.
They offer surgery or prescriptions, not reversals of symptoms and treating root causes. I say we call them licensed physicians, or just physicians. Doctor, they are not.
Only by terminological ‘default’ of contemporary society, but are they reallllly doctors anymore or is it outdated terminology for the most part?
To me, in my vast experience, I don’t think so. They are physicians, —from primary care physician to brain surgeon. I know, I know…
Many of their patients are thankless, stubborn, don’t listen, and are also ‘non-compliant’ and want a ‘quick-fix’ —a drive-thru fix, and a ‘pill’ to ‘fix it all’.
Licensed physicians do not have it easy, god bless their souls, with the highest suicide rate of any profession.
We write about this in our blog… This is not to criticize them. I love many miracles of conventional medicine but we should keep the miracles and ditch the bs.
Maybe it’s because big pharma rules the AMA (American Medical Association), and the AMA rules med school curriculum. I am not anti drug or anti vaxx overall. I am for SAFETY. I am for people before profits.
And maybe the med school grads aren’t getting to live up to their dreams of teaching others holistically to manifest their full health potential —you know that ‘doctor’ dream (hey, not everyone who goes to med school cheats and is in it for the money!)
And so the very sincere ones, they find their own way in the path of functional, alternative, and complimentary medicine (like Brownstein, Mercola, and scores others), who would otherwise become disenchanted at constantly studying drugs, drugs, and more drugs, symptoms, and expensive treatments.
I do love the science aspect (when it’s not bought, sold, and paid for by biased interests of course)… I love the catalog of disease, even though I always hear herbalists whining that they don’t wanna put anyone ‘in a box’ by ‘labeling’ them with a disease.
This is where I disagree, and I see these ‘labels’ (diagnoses) as just factual information that the day’s snapshot of a blood / lab test says about a patient / client (depending on your field).
I see nothing wrong with diagnosis. It’s just a starting point / map to me.
Of course the patient / client is ‘more than a “label”‘. Where’s my facepalm emoji. I get all this.
The point is, is the doctor actually teaching? If not, let’s call them physicians and let them do what they do, treat symptoms, diagnose disease, and prescribe drugs. (Treat, diagnose, and prescribe —what we do not do.)
Doctors teach people… People! Doctors teach
Or are supposed to anyway. Heaven forbid, don’t take nutritional advice from a doctor, as they only get 1-4 credit hours of nutrition!!! Remember, the AMA runs the med school curriculum and the AMA is most likely controlled by big pharma, which is why the bulk of a ‘doctors’ time is spent 1., studying drugs.
Why not study prevention? Non-toxic “treatments”?
Of course there will always be physicians who are also doctors (who teach) but many just do not.
They just practice conventional medicine with no respect to how mother nature and god / great spirit / source gifts provide health and healing.. Keep in mind, med school is like militarization.
It’s not “bad’ per se, they just aren’t taught / tolerated / encouraged to “think outside the box” like our students are and formulate their own hypothesis. Granted, they are doctors / physicians vs. scientists, but hopefully you feel where I’m coming from. They are indoctrinated to think / act / believed a certain way about health and wellbeing.
Due to this, there is a huge divide.
Modern medicine, or conventional medicine, doesn’t want any competition as a whole. And people are brainwashed across the board to be sadly, and truthfully, I’m not afraid to say it, ignorant and close minded about the possibilities of true, ideal health or manifesting one’s full health potential.
Before you wander off though, check out the whole purpose of today’s piece and read this article by Dr. Piper Gibson and her recent experience! 
Sadly, many of my client’s families are not supportive because they cannot step out of the conventional medicine box. Today a client told me that her family looked me up so they could research and discredit me because they do not support the changes my client is trying to make.
My path is unique, and I would not do what I do today if natural approaches hadn’t changed our lives. I am not an MD, nor do I want to be. I do not believe I could help my clients in the way that I do if I were an MD. Don’t get me wrong, we need MDs, but we also need Doctors like myself in every field.
Am I a doctor? Maybe not in your traditional view of doctors, but many doctors are not MDs. You can earn a doctorate in business administration, public health, history, accounting, and even holistic nutrition or traditional naturopathy.
Doctor comes from the Latin word for “teacher” and originally referred to a small group of theologians who had approval from the Church to speak on religious matters. Eventually, the term saw greater use, referring to qualified academic and medical professionals. Merriam Webster defines a doctor as a learned or authoritative teacher or a person who has earned one of the highest academic degrees.
The local medical school teaches 60 minutes of nutrition training. In the past ten years, I have earned over 1,000 hours of nutrition training alone, including every nutritional modality. I have earned hundreds of hours in Naturopathy and Natural Medicine. In addition, I took a 5-hour Board Certification Course to receive my board cert in Natural Medicine (I aced it, by the way). Who do you want your nutritional advice from?
There are not many genomics experts out there, and I have been told you can’t just hire one off the street. However, I am one of the top experts in the field, teaching MDs, DC’s, DO’s, NP’s, and RD’s to use and analyze genomic data in practice. I wouldn’t have the job I do if I weren’t an expert.
I do not treat or diagnose. For example, I do not prescribe medication for your high blood pressure or give you a pill for your arthritis.
I teach!
I teach my clients what I have learned so they can turn around and apply it to their own lives to improve their health. I teach them why it is essential to look deeper at their symptoms and question what is actually happening in their body.
Just because my Doctorate doesn’t fit into your doctor box does not mean I am a quack. It means you are stuck in a box.
Am I a Doctor, YES! Like my colleague Dr. Michael Lonardo says, “the title of “Doctor” and while some may think it pretentious, I think it simply gives notice to the extreme commitment we give to help and “teach” others how to live a better, healthier life.”

Your partner in health,

Piper Gibson, AHND, TND, BCDNM, FDN-P
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