Welcome to the Rockwell School of Holistic Medicine


Our Program Offerings

The Rockwell Tri-Doctorate

8 Modules

The Rockwell Tri-Doctorate is our most popular program and combines all of our educational disciplines in one; traditional naturopathy, clinical herbalism, and advanced holistic nutrition. We include our Spiritual Medicine Program as an additional bonus. Students may complete one course or program at a time, which allows them to begin their practice utilizing completed courses to essentially earn while they learn.

Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy & Doctorate of Certified Holistic Health 

5 Modules

There are two kinds of naturopathy, traditional and licensed. Our program for traditional naturopathy teaches modalities such as spa and weather therapies. Students also learn all about life-giving iodine, medical ozone, vibrational medicine, flower essences, aromatherapy, and naturopathic oncology. 

Doctorate of Clinical Herbalism

5 Modules

A clinical herbalist is a type of holistic practitioner who predominantly utilizes their knowledge of herbs and plant medicine, such as medicinal mushrooms, to help support others in manifesting their full health potential. Students study a wide range of curriculum that includes plant energetics, medicinal mushrooms, and a concept known as ‘rewilding’.

Doctorate of Spiritual Medicine & Esoteric Arts

3 Modules

This Spiritual Medicine & Esoteric Arts program will help you discover the the hidden realm of natural healing across indigenous cultures and both traditional and non-traditional religions.

Doctorate of Advanced Holistic Nutrition

4 modules

Our Advanced Holistic Nutrition Program offers an “avant-garde” approach to the food we put in our bodies and take look at food from all angles. We are seeking NANP certification in the near future. 

Naturopathic Oncology

1 course

In our naturopathic oncology course, we offer a proactive approach by teaching our students cutting-edge, alternative and complementary cancer care treatments that real people have used. This is an empowering course that gives people options if they just want to know what’s going on in this field of medicine.