What is Spiritual Medicine & Esoteric Arts and how can I use it in my practice? 

There’s often another side to illness that has its roots in psychoneuroimmunology, or how our mental state affects our current wellbeing. Here we explore those and other contributing factors according to ancient medicine across cultures. SMEA is free at no additional expense when a student enrolls in the Rockwell Tri-Doctorate. 

Spiritual Medicine & Esoteric Arts kind of represents the hidden, invisible world of holistic medicine.

Some people believe some illnesses are karmic in nature and/or spiritual. We would say when you've tried everything - and nothing has worked - maybe it's spiritual.

Or if you like you can use this as one of the points of your care when you work with people.

Perhaps you approach them nutritionally, physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

Tosha Silver who wrote Change Me Prayers and Outrageous Openness has discussed her mother's karmic illness. In any case, this is just one example.

Reiki body work is both physical and spiritual, for example.

Esoteric Arts is more study of various religions and mysticism.

This course is for the shamans out there who feel curious and connected to the otherworldly and whom may choose to integrate this with their practice.

It is a very long program — so we encourage people to take their time with it. 

Our programs comprise a total of eight interchangeable learning modules. For SMEA, students are required to complete modules 1, 6, 7, and 8. You can find detailed module course work in the above menu under 'Modules'. 

That's right —all students enrolled in the RTD may also take the SMEA doctorate, which is optional! 

Students who complete SMEA may use the additional professional designation of SMEAD (Spiritual Medicine & Esoteric Arts Doctor) or DSMEA (Doctor of Spiritual Medicine & Esoteric Arts).

Students have lifetime access to our programs and continuing education at no additional cost. This is helpful for individuals who seek professional board certification for holistic practitioners, which requires 10-20 yearly CEUs (continuing education units) for candidates to maintain their status. This means never having to pay for continuing education again.

Are you ready to develop the skills you need to become an expert in your field?

Our programs help prepare the most in-demand, highly qualified holistic medicine practitioners of our class and type in the world!

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