Life can be so much safer and simpler when we know a few things. While it’s not practical everyone will want to go gluten free, due to desire, socio-economic status, and/or global location, —if you are having gallbladder issues, please consider exploring this topic further if you wish to avoid gallbladder removal.

We linked articles below and you are strongly encouraged to keep digging around the link between gallbladder disease, but also gluten-sensitivity. Many are NCGS (non-celiac gluten-sensitive) and don’t know it until they need an emergency gallbladder surgery.

What appears to happen is that gluten shuts down the ability of the gallbladder to produce the hormone necessary to process fat. In fact, after gb surgery, many people are even more sensitive to not only wheat, rye, and barely, ie., ‘gluten’, but also eggs, dairy, etc.

Check out todays YouTube video today “Avoid Gallbladder Removal” and the articles below. Please link any incredible findings back to the comments section if you start going down the rabbit hole and come across something amazing you want to share.

If this is the right thing for you to do, by all means, you know what is best for yourself (or you should, we hope). I

f you aren’t sure, try some other things, like removing gluten, just to see if it does the trick. Additionally, you can google ‘regret gallbladder removal’ or ‘regret removing gallbladder’.

Remember, you have to be your own best self-advocate, no matter if 10 doctors on shift are pressuring you to ‘just do it (get it removed)’ but your gut instinct says ‘no’. You are your own true north.

Do what’s best for you, not what people are pressuring you to do. If this video and list of articles help, please comment below and let us know.

Effects of a Gluten-Containing Meal on Gastric Emptying and Gallbladder Contraction

Celiac Disease Linked to Gallbladder Disease & Liver Problems

Gluten Sensitivity & Gallbladder Issues 

How Celiac May Affect Your Risk for Gallbladder Disease

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