Put Your Roots Down at the School of Holistic Medicine and Steep Yourself in the Magical World of Plant Medicine with Our Slightly Rebellious, Off the Beaten Path Natural Health Programs You Won’t Find at Your Local University or Community College.

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A traditional naturopath, or holistic health practitioner, is someone who knows all about alternative and complementary medicine, which includes numerous healing modalities that licensed physicians of conventional medicine are not taught in medical school.



The modern herbalist of today may practice in various diverse environments. Commonly providing holistic or naturopathic support to physicians offices, private practices, and wellness centers. They may choose to become an herbal researcher, or botanical illustrator.



What is an advanced holistic nutritionist? A doctor of advanced holistic nutrition (DAHN), studies radical nutrition and fringe medicine, peeling back all the layers and exploring traditional and non-traditional diets across the globe. Students demystify every aspect of nutrition in this program.

We Dream of Helping

you manifest your own full health potential — and then help others, one human at a time, do the same through you as a catalyst. 

We promise to teach you everything under the sun in terms of holistic medicine —to give you the moon and stars for your educational journey! 

You'll gain practical applications you can begin to implement in your daily life! Students may complete courses and begin practicing immediately.


Our students learn evidence-based natural medicine and anecdotal theory, also known as “the people’s medicine” and combine these educational disciplines for the highest and best good. 

Rockwell represents a collective of professional lightworkers who promote self-healing in ourselves and others, whenever and wherever possible. 

As a career path, we serve those heart-centered individuals who wish to offer themselves to their communities as holistic practitioners and share the beauty of natural medicine in order to help others manifest their full health potential —one human at a time. 


Our Program Offerings

The Rockwell Tri-Doctorate

Over 20 Modules

The Rockwell Tri-Doctorate is our most popular program and includes lifetime access to the following modules and courses:

Students may complete one program within the RTD at a time.

Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy & Holistic Health

5 Modules

There are two kinds of naturopathy, traditional and licensed. We teach traditional naturopathy via our online learning portal. 


Doctorate of Clinical Herbalism

8 Modules

A clinical herbalist is a type of holistic practitioner who predominantly utilizes their knowledge of herbs and plant medicine, such as medicinal mushrooms, to help support others in manifesting their full health potential.

Doctorate of Spiritual Medicine & Esoteric Arts

6 week classes

This Spiritual Medicine & Esoteric Arts program will help you discover the the hidden realm of natural healing across indigenous cultures and both traditional and non-traditional religions.

Doctorate of Holistic Nutrition

8 Modules

Learn holistic concepts in regard to mental health for emotional well-being and how to recognize toxic people, relationships, and personalities —not just in our own lives but in those of our clients, which deeply affect health and stress management. 

Naturopathic Oncology

8 Modules

In our Naturopathic Oncology Course, we offer a proactive approach by teaching our students alternative and complementary cancer care treatments. 

A Few Reasons Why Peoplehearts icon Rockwell School Of Holistic Medicine.

The breadth and depth of our programs allows our students to manifest their full potential in clinical herbalism, traditional naturopathy, advanced holistic nutrition, and now, spiritual medicine. 

Our expansive, educational grassroots approach creates an illuminating, organic learning experience that’s both intuitive and fun. Our programs will both challenge and delight you.

We strongly believe in each person’s own authentic vision and unique contributions to this industry. 

Through our coursework, we help birth your personal brand and build your confidence so you can have your message heard by the masses, if that is your desire.

Prospective students may choose from 3 different ways to study: 

  • Programs 
  • Modules
  • Courses


Each program consists of its own unique combination of learning modules. Each module consists of various lessons and individual courses. 

The coursework is made up of required reading, video and audio lectures, scientific journals and studies, with multiple choice tests and essays. 



Fills in the gaps self-education leaves behind.


Helps students discover and define their strengths.


Teaches responsible practice above all else.


Helps individuals manifest their full potential and become experts in their field.

Learn From Home

Online Learning Options

We go out of our way to provide you, our students, with uncensored, non-biased information so that you can see ‘the truth’ from all sides objectively and form your own opinions and develop your own hypotheses and refine your practice. 

A stand alone in our industry, we provide lifetime access and continuing education at no additional cost because we are creating a real community and we want you to be a part of it. 

Students work at their own pace and may complete lessons, courses, and modules in any order they choose. 

About US

Our Story

Rockwell was born out of our founder’s desire to:

  • bring holistic medicine to the people and light the world in truth and healing
  • provide accessibility and affordability to all who seek this kind of education 
  • promote medical literacy, medical freedom, and medical justice for all 

In order to make that possible, she first had to provide better educational standards and transparency to all who seek a career in holistic medicine and health coaching. 

As an unregulated, yet up and coming industry, it can be challenging to find the kind of education that will provide you with the skill sets and the confidence you want in order to practice responsibly and effectively.

Get Lifetime Access To Our School

While some choose Rockwell to carve out a career, others choose Rockwell on their path of self-enrichment, specifically the exhausted parents who are looking for natural solutions to their children’s health concerns and crises. 

We also serve many soon to be mothers and fathers, looking ahead and preparing for the future by gaining a treasure trove of knowledge to have at the ready for whatever comes their way!


And what about you? Are you ready to learn everything under the sun about holistic medicine?

Real Video Reviews About Our Holistic School

Other Testimonials

I am always looking to learn about holistic steps to improve overall wellness. My past studies have included the world of herbalism. I was presented with the opportunity to study at Rockwell School of Holistic Medicine and I am now studying the Advance Holistic Nutrition program. I love this self paced course and learning that food is our primary source of healthcare. This course shows how our daily choices of what we choose to eat impacts our well being. The course provides useful and interesting information to heal our whole body, mind and soul. Elizabeth Clements

I am more than thrilled to be here! I have been to several natural health schools and this one is different; in a good way! This is the future of medicine. I have read many books about Naturopathy and Orthomolecular medicine. This program really hits on the major issues concerning these subjects. Wonderful feeling to know that I will be studying with so many like minded people! Gerald Wayne Fuller Jr 

I can’t convey how much I’m enjoying this learning journey! I suppose that as a career educator I love to learn, but to have the opportunity to engage with information that is helpful, practical, applicable, as well as backed by a sturdy knowledge base, is just awesome. Perhaps it’s because I was a philosophy major as an undergraduate so many years ago, but this–for me, right now, at this time in my life–is just the best. I learn so much from every lesson–about myself, about the world, about life–and I’m grateful for the new perspective that every lesson brings.I just can’t express how much I’m enjoying all of this… there is a saying that “the most recent convert makes the worst fanatic,” but I am middle-aged (well, maybe a “mature” middle aged!) and have been walking around until now completely oblivious to so much about our world… thank you for bringing this to light for me! Thomas Stapleford

I agree with Thomas Stapleford, the information is extremely organized!

Tabitha Lofland


Frequently Asked Questions.

What Is Rockwell Holistic School Of Medicine?

Rockwell is an online school that provides slightly rebellious, off the beaten path natural health programs that you won't find at your local university or community college.

I Am Interested in a Career in Holistic Medicine, What Questions Should I Be Asking Myself?

One of the most important things we can do as holistic practitioners is ask, "How can I serve?". What is your natural propensity towards? Where is there a gap in your community that you can fill as a niche, perhaps? Do you already know, or want to learn more about a certain topic and become a specialist in your field? Do you wish to serve a local or a global community? What is your intention?

What do Rockwell Grads Actually Do?

We provide highly specialized knowledge to those who wish to manifest their full health potential. We advocate, inform, and support those who are otherwise lost in the medical realm or who are simply looking for new and improved conditions regarding their wellbeing.

I'm Ready to Enroll —What Should I Do First?


You may enroll at anytime. Enroll HERE

What Are Your Eligibility Requirements?

In theory, anyone can learn and apply the principles we teach! There are no pre-requisites or eligibility requirements whatsoever. All it requires is passion and a willing heart.

What Learning Materials Are Used in the Courses, Modules, & Programs?

Students learn from a complete repertoire of materials including our beautiful handpicked textbooks that students will use as desk references throughout their entire career. Additional learning materials range from periodic journals, video lectures, anecdotal theory and evidence-based studies in natural medicine.

  • Tuition & Scholarship
Tuition & Scholarships

We offer 3 to 5 different tuition payment plans for each program. Scholarships are available for the Rockwell Tri-Doctorate program for those on low fixed incomes. Please e-mail for details. Students can complete one or all of the programs within the RTD. Please note, tuition payments are non-refundable. However students experiencing financial instability may cancel anytime inside of their student dashboard.

Is Rockwell Accredited?

You can read all about accreditation here.

Do I have lifetime access and continuing education?

Unlike most natural health and herbal studies programs, Rockwell students have lifetime access and continuing education at no additional cost to ensure your knowledge stays current on trends in evidence-based natural medicine.

Estimated Program Completion Times

It takes 40-50 hours to compete Module 1. We are currently testing remaining modules for approximate completion times. A student working 10-12 hours per week should have no trouble completing a program with 9 months to 1-year. Students who can dedicate more time can complete programs much faster. Most students complete one program at a time within the coursework of the Rockwell Tri-Doctorate (RTD). 

How can you tell if Rockwell School Of Holistic Medicine?

Are you ready to develop the skills you need to become an expert in your field? Our programs help prepare the most highly-trained and in demand holistic medicine practitioners in the world. Students want a school they can be proud of and a name they can trust. That name is Rockwell.

Are There Required Text Books?

With the advent of our updated courses, programs, and modules, it was brought to our attention how difficult and costly it can be to get books in certain countries.

What Is The Program Structure?

Each of our 5 holistic medicine programs comprise 8 unique interchangeable learning modules which vary depending on your focus of study. For more information on program curriculums, please see the Module tab in the navigation menu above. 


Holistic Bussiness Practices

In Module 8, students will learn all about holistic business practices to help prepare them to better serve their communities. Graduates receive custom certificates of completion with any program they finish. Certificates of completion include a unique Rockwell ID# for public verification, which helps ensure responsible practice and public trust above all else.

Medical Disclaimer

Our graduates may not treat disease, diagnose medical conditions, or prescribe pharmaceutical drugs.

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