We are building a community of likeminded individuals who we can reach out to, as needed.

We comprise a group of people who specialize in differing areas. Participation is important to developing a sense of community relationship with one another.

The new requirements can be found inside the beginning of each module.

Everyone is required to comment on each lesson in the discussion. These are required to graduate. 

Student participation is not required for completed lessons prior to 11/2/21. 

Going forward from Nov 2nd, 2021, all students are required to leave a short paragraph verbalizing their thoughts, feelings, and future actions based on the lesson. Future actions are changes you will or will not implement.

You can also share contradictory theory / criticism of a lesson subject, if you are aware of anything you feel the community should, at a minimum, be appraised of.

Even if you just disagree with the matter, please share. Most lessons have an essay and some of your thoughts will be expressed similarly on both.

The purpose of this is repetition in your knowledge / argument. It’s one thing “know something”, it is quite another to know it well enough to talk about it properly, with grace and eloquence, as well as form and function.

So, even though we aren’t in a class, doing speeches, you should also try to talk about your lesson with family, or record yourself talking about it.

These are things you will do in your practice. The student FB group is a great place to record videos talking about your lesson in overview. It’s good for other students and you can also share it on your personal socials.

Why? This is preparation to start building a following, a practice, and finding ‘your voice’…

You don’t have to finish a school to practice what you know. Most people like to learn more, before going into practice though. It’s a confidence issue.

It’s good to ‘get your feet wet’ and start practicing at your practice sooner rather than later. So we ask you to record yourself on audio talking about the lesson. Listen to it…  You will hear how you can refind your points.

Get used to hearing (and loving) your own voice. It’s both special and sacred and will be used to reach your own special ‘cult’ following.

Of course, that is not a real cult. It’s said somewhat in jest. However, that is the goal. Your knowledge is rich and sacred! You have to share it with others.

If you’re nervous or scared, awesome. Join the club! We’ve all been there, done that! And what of it? Cheers!

Seriously, though. I (the founder, Ava Rockwell), felt the same way. I mean, I guess. not everyone is nervous as heck, but I sure was! Many of the grads I talk to reiterate the same.

Therefore, here’s my personal story. I felt the same. On some level, it’s a weird kind of self-worth issue. Are we worthy to have a voice? Are we too forceful? Too fanatical? Are we plum crazy?

Many of us are just mad about holistic medicine. It’s our life’s passion. Our blood, sweat, and tears, right? We are all de facto lay research scientists.

I would love to have some specific studies funded, myself!! We so very much need good science, and that would have been one of my callings. It takes a lot of work to be a real, full blown scientist, though!

In any case, we all have to put ourselves ‘out there’, but it truly gives us a solid purpose.

If you @schoolofholisticmedicine on Instagram, we will share your min-lecture or your post in our stories. We can share posts, but we can’t share just stories. So you can post it on IG reels, or IGTV, depending on length.

IGTV is generally longer content, up to 60-min. That’s good for a long, detailed ‘lecture’. If you feel the passion, go for it! It will vary lesson to lesson how much content you learn to share. IGTV 15-second previews automatically publish in your IG feed.

If you don’t have a professional page, you can decide to set one up or not on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok (I know it sounds like a lot). You may also want to create a private group for interested parties or for paid members / clients.

IG reels are up to 60-seconds. They can be shared on your regular IG feed, but I like to put them in stories, save them to highlights (organized by category), and then delete them from my regular feed because the reels don’t fit in aesthetically speaking.

I like to keep the reels on the reels tab of my IG page. If you aren’t sure what a highlight is, how to make a highlight cover, and make categories, and you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, you may want to invest in a social media influencer program.

However, I have signed up for paid influencer courses, but I learned a lot on my own. I rarely make time to do those courses, but I will always try.

I’ve read hundreds of articles on social media, and will try to publish my own sample social media routine for people to work off of as a template and to use as inspiration to come up with their own ideas.

We strongly encourage you to record yourself on your phone audio recording apps doing lesson overviews to ensure your verbal delivery is pleasing and on point for your audience and in pursuit of developing “your voice”.

Don’t worry about sounding good or perfect. That’s no way to ‘arrive’… Just do ‘the work’ and you’ll get there. Do not overthink it. Hear your voice and develop your public persona.

This is your vision for yourself. How you see yourself in your minds eye. How you want to come across and reach others with your life’s calling and passion.

Inside Module 1, after the New Student Participation Requirements section, you will find my personal social media cheat sheet based on 1000’s of articles. IG allows up to 30#s, but now recommend only 2-3#s! Those things matter! Check it out next!

Cheers to Your Individuality & Unique Message / Content

I’m not telling you to get out there “now”, but “now” is always good time! Hint hint!

I spent so much time on procrastination. In the end, I guess it was “meant to be”…???? I don’t recommend it though!!!

Be brave in yourself and finding your own voice, making mistakes along the way. Part of our ‘fear’ is unresolved trauma. Even if we don’t know the ins and outs of that, no worries. Just decide to love yourself, imperfections and all. 

Take inspired action… listen to your intuition. It’s always guiding the way with love if you will but listen.

Your light is meant to shine bright, imperfections and all. 

Embracing your worth and strength to ‘put yourself out there’ can be liberating!

I also know for some of us, the more time you have to mentally prepare for ‘going public’, lol sometimes the better. 

So here’s a few pieces to chew on… 

You can decide to start anytime! You can play around or you can create a schedule based around it.

At a minimum, when should you ‘get out there’? Well, as soon as you finish your first lesson! We detail in the Student Participation section at the start of each module that if you publish and tag us in your pieces, across platforms, we will try to share / collab with you etc. 

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

Take care and feel free to comment here or in the discussion group on the student platform regarding these matters.

What about you? Are you putting yourself out there now, if so, how’s it going? Are you going to start soon? Are you ready? Were you nervous or scared at first? Where do you think this fear stems from?

Sound off!

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