Naturopathic Oncology Course

We offer a proactive approach by teaching our students alternative and complementary cancer care treatments.

These cutting-edge therapies can be used independently or in conjunction with conventional cancer care, but because time is of the essence, it’s best to know about these options well in advance of a diagnosis.


Graduates who complete this course can teach and inform others about naturopathic oncology with a special certificate of completion.


Keep in mind that cancer is a very serious illness and both conventional and alternative treatments don’t often work. 


Legalities surround natural cancer treatments and legal risk must be considered before consulting with anyone on the matter. 


Never use the words treat, diagnose, or prescribe, unless it’s in reference to a licensed medical doctor. 


Instead, you can share this knowledge with others who wish to know it or work in conjunction with the doctor of functional medicine / oncologist. 


At no time may graduates of our courses, modules, or programs convey the ability to treat, diagnose, or prescribe, unless otherwise licensed to do so.  


Our graduates are allowed to consult with and inform people of their options available to them. This allows most individuals, depending on their type of cancer, to make more informed decisions. 


However, not every option will work with every cancer. We do not encourage anyone to work with anyone who is not also working with a licensed oncologist. 



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