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We acknowledge the challenges of modern medicine and have compassion on all healthcare workers.

Medical malpractice in the above infographic is a complicated subject that takes us down another rabbit hole of the pharmaceutical based, inhumane, overpriced education that med students go through in order to become doctors. 

We suspect these issues relate to why conventional medical doctors have the highest suicide rate of any other profession in the United States.

We also believe it must be some kind of reflection of the poor conditions and pressure these individuals face in their superficial, rigid, dogmatic education controlled by the American Medical Association.

We believe licensed medical doctors deserve compassion as they sacrifice so much for their profession.

They are often misguided themselves and disillusioned about the actual expectations of residency and med school.

People think they have it easy but they don’t know the reality that is very, very sad.

Few readers realize that doctors in residency work 80-120 hours per week, often sleeping in the hospitals where they work, more often than not at the neglect of their own health and to the detriment of relationships with their loved ones.

Constantly being on call is not a stress-free way to live. Conventional medical doctors also have a lot of expenses.

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