Here you can learn more about our programs, their corresponding modules, and full coursework for each doctorate.

Our Programs Comprise 8 Interchangeable Learning Modules 

Programs & Corresponding Modules 

Our Doctorate of Traditional Naturopathy requires the completion of Modules I, II, IV, VII, & VIII.

Our Doctorate of Clinical Herbalism, Botanical Medicine, & Plant Energetics requires the completion of Modules I, III, IV, VII, & VIII. 

Our Doctorate of Advanced Holistic Nutrition & Nutrigenetics requires the completion of Modules I, V, VII, & VIII.

The Rockwell Tri-Doctorate, combines all 3 of our programs for traditional naturopathy, clinical herbalism, and advanced holistic nutrition. It requires all modules be completed, with the exception of Module VI: Spiritual Medicine & Esoteric Arts (SMEA). SMEA is an additional 4th program we gift for free to students who enroll in the Rockwell Tri-Doctorate (RTD). Completion of SMEA is optional and not required.

Our Doctorate of Spiritual Medicine & Esoteric Arts required the completion of Modules VI & VIII.