Critics, Naysayers, & Holistic Medicine Detractors

This was not an easy post to write, as we typically prefer to avoid negativity of any kind, however, when it comes to the right of individual health freedom, a line must be drawn. 

Here’s why.

Conventional naysayers and vehement, alarmist detractors like Britt Hermes of Naturopathic Diaries, along with the scathing, hate-filled authors of Quackwatch deride and demonize ALL forms of natural medicine across the board as their sole objective in the well intentioned name of helping people.

I really like Britt and I respect her sharing her experience. I do think she is a bit misguided, and I believe she has ties to one of the sites that criticize holistic medicine, —which I believe is ran by her husband.

I don’t recall if it is Quackwatch or another similar site. In any case, I respect she spoke out but she is (or was) being sued for slander by a traditional naturopath in Arizona for a big case involving alt cancer care. 

We assume that they are well-intentioned in their mission, but the dangers of conventional medicine cannot be ignored.

Unlike the critics of natural medicine, we do not seek to demonize conventional healthcare despite corruption within the pharmaceutical industry. 

We believe most, if not all, licensed medical professionals are well-intentioned and we know medical errors are a complicated subject.

Yet the critics fail to address the facts. Instead they claim natural medicine in all its forms is ineffective and dangerous. However the real danger is factually proven to be conventional medicine, now determined to be the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States. 

The critics make careers out of condemning evidence-based natural medicine, but how can they be trusted when they fail to address the elephant in the room that is conventional medicine? 

This is ego-based bias as we can easily see the pros and cons of both alternative and conventional medicine. What sane, emotionally mature adult couldn’t? 

It’s clear that conventional medicine is ideal for acute, emergency care like broken limbs, trauma, etc. However, conventional medicine fails at treating chronic disease, a strength of natural medicine.

The simple fact is, unlike conventional medicine, natural medicine is not the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States. 

Do such detractors just ignore, deny, and rationalize the scientifically backed statistics on the dangers of conventional medicine as if to proverbially sweep the facts under the rug?

For Example:

We aren’t sure how these critics rationalize their stance, but it strikes us as professionally irresponsible to write off an entire plethora of natural medicine when there are plenty of scientific studies backing it up from nutritional healing and nutrigenomics to essential oils combating cancer and much, MUCH more! 

This brings us to the next question. Who in their right mind and in good conscience can radically and publicly deride every single form of natural medicine without exception or the slightest bit of compassion or consideration for those whom conventional medicine has failed and/or is but a small part of their healing and recovery? 

Seriously though, where’s the logic?

We are curious why such detractors fail to see the hypocrisy and quite honestly, the total insanity of their position in light of the scientific facts.

I personally have read over Naturopathic Diaries to a large extent. I believe Britt is a smart woman and a wonderful writer. It’s her content I take issue with. She has holistic medicine under a witch hunt of sorts.

I personally have read her articles and I can understand her frustration with licensed naturopathy in terms of education, etc, however this doesn’t obfuscate the fact that there are many kind and decently qualified licensed naturopaths, despite some questionable or limited educational issues.

She isn’t the only person to question licensed naturopathic education and their right to practice as full-fledged medical doctors. Keep in mind we are talking about licensed naturopathy, not traditional naturopathy which Rockwell offers.

Here’s a little about the issues between NDs and MDs in CA:

Many states and conventional medical doctors alike take serious issue with the holes in licensed naturopathic education. Not everyone thinks licensed naturopaths have earned and/or deserve prescriptive rights or believe they are qualified to perform minor surgeries, etc.  

But don’t be fooled! There are P-L-E-N-T-Y of issues with conventional medical school, as well, which we get into later. Despite this, Brett fails miserably to address medical errors as the 3rd leading cause of death.

Her rigid, dogmatic, and fanatical stance could be construed as emotionally immature and irresponsible by some. 

Once again, we understand she is upset and feels marred by her experience in licensed naturopathy, however that is no excuse for her radical hatred and extremism. Unfortunately for her and others like her, this level of vigilante fanaticism causes a total loss of credibility.  

Some people even refer the them as health freedom terrorists. We are just wondering when these people will address the stats on the leading cause of death instead of defaming all forms holistic medicine and anecdotal evidence.

They would have the public believe that natural medicine is the devil… Yet, the statistics show something very different than what these critics have to say. 

Here’s just one example out of many: 

Is it simply a case of failed logic?

Many people feel that this constant derision of natural medicine borders on recklessness and wanton irresponsibility.

It is our opinion that the public is not looking upon these critics with admiration and credibility, but rather with justified skepticism.

Britt’s experience of natural medicine does not define natural medicine as a whole. Her experience is a very small microcosm, a mountain made from a molehill as they saying goes.

People are beginning to recognize this type of derision as a vehement form of medical bias and extremism that lacks any sort of balance or moral ethics.

These individuals have an utter disregard for health freedom, and instead prefer the equivalent of medical fascism.

At a minimum, these naysayers fail to even respectfully acknowledge that at one time natural medicine was all that existed in terms of healthcare.

With perhaps the exception of emergency care, natural medicine is by far the safe alternative to conventional medicine.

Such detractors fail to realize that their stance is a cultural insult to Native American herbalism, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, and more, all of which have contributed greatly to making strides in modern medicine.

Such critics also fail to make any mention of the fact that all pharmaceuticals are derivatives of plant based medicine.

We aren’t sure if it’s their intention, but it’s glaringly obvious and unfortunate that they have an agenda of division rather presenting information in a balanced and respectful way that actually helps people.

The World Health Organization

In fact, according to the World Health Organization Benchmarks for Training in Naturopathy, a large percentage of the world’s population relies and depends on natural, holistic medicine as their sole form of healthcare.

While we are happy to have conventional medicine for acute, emergency care, on the opposite end the spectrum, modern medicine has become deadly.

We can understand Britt’s frustration with her naturopathic physician education. We’ve seen the program and we do agree with her about some of the issues she voices. However, it is not a reason to irrationally deride all forms of natural medicine across the board without exception. 

Due to her heavy, public criticism of some holistic medicine practitioners, Britt is currently being sued for slandering a traditional naturopath in Arizona, and is currently soliciting donations for her legal defense fund.

You can read more about that on her website at the top of this article. We feel this whole situation of lawsuits is toxic and extreme.

And despite all their criticism of all things ‘holistic’, we’ve never seen Britt or any other detractor address the statistical average of 30 deaths per hour that occur due to medical errors.

With this being said, who has the wherewithal to criticize natural medicine in any form? 

It is one thing to criticize a faulty education, which we agree, in part, she received from Bastyr, but it is quite another issue altogether to try to discredit the entire industry and every single person who practices it. 

Such individuals do not appear to believe in medical freedom of choice and instead advocate without question conventional medicine as the one and only form of legitimate healthcare despite the obvious.

We acknowledge the challenges of modern medicine and have compassion on all healthcare workers.

Medical malpractice in the above infographic is a complicated subject that takes us down another rabbit hole of the pharmaceutical based, inhumane, overpriced education that med students go through in order to become doctors. 

We suspect these issues relate to why conventional medical doctors have the highest suicide rate of any other profession in the United States.

Some believe the AMA to be controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, which is why medical doctors spend the majority of their time learning pharmaceuticals vs. nutrition with no focus on preventative care. 

One thing is for sure. Something is very wrong. The medical system appears to be is broken. 

Functional Medicine

It’s no secret that conventional medicine fails horribly and indisputably with it’s treatment of chronic disease.

The education is focused on the wrong things – and it’s not sustainable.

There are currently not enough people in med-school to meet demand, as they stand, the requirements to get in do not always create the best doctors due to ridiculous math requirements and expenses, nor are they learning many of the right things (nutrition, preventative care, and non-drug solutions).

Also, medical science and clinical diagnosis is not perfect and doctors struggle too. Overall it’s the system, not the doctor, that is the real issue.

However, people like Dr. Christian Northrup, Dr. Josh Axe, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Chris Kresser, Dr. Gundry, and Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Sarah Ballantyne etc., are combining conventional medicine with holistic health practices for superior results. This is known as functional medicine.

In the meantime, conventional medicine remains woefully stagnant in its approach. We believe med school needs to be updated and revised with new barriers to entry, etc. 

The world of conventional medical care generally lacks holism of any kind in dealing with the public.

Conventional medicine usually boils down to drugs and invasive practices of last resort like diabetic amputations vs. extreme prevention.

If holistic health had the same track record as conventional medicine, all holistic health practitioners would already be shut down, but there’s a complicated double standard.

In any case, we provide additional articles of interest. Please share your opinion below. What you think matters to us!