The program director for our AHND (Advanced Holistic Nutrition Doctorate), Dr. Piper Gibson TND, AHND just wrote a post about conventional dietician school / education and why she chose our program out of the plethora on the market.


She has privately told me in writing and directly that she thought ours was the best in the world…


Now I know this is a tall order, but in my industry, well, it’s small.


It’s easy to see ‘what’s out there’.


I never ‘tooted my own horn’ and I only ever repeated her sentiments to just one or two others. 


Yet, I knew what she said was true… That’s what I had set out for from the start… 


I also checked every nutrition program on the market, including big names like the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), for example. 


And while their program may or may not be NANP approved (I don’t see how they could unless it’s drastically changed since I attended), it for certain was not up-to-date, cutting-edge, thorough, or heavily based in hard science… 


In full transparency, I have been told by other graduates that they chose Rockwell because our curriculum is the most extensive, thorough, and up-to-date of its class and type that exists. 🙏🏽


I do know there are some incredible schools / courses available, aside from IIN, but when or if you can only choose one…


What do you choose and why?


Most of our graduates have attended more than one school option. This is great. However, we want to be on your list!


Years later after expressing this to me, Dr. Gibson went into actual depth about why the AHND is the best holistic nutrition program in the world in her article here titled, “How to Depreciate an Oven”.


Please go read that article before continuing here, as without it, you won’t understand the rest of this piece. Don’t worry. The link opens in a new window! 


Then please come back here to continue. See you soon!

Are you back!? 


I had no idea this was the reality of dietician school, but why does it not surprise me these days!!?!?!? 


I will say I have seen some great curriculums for dietitians that include coursework on gene expression and immunology, —our graduates receive this, too. 


In fact, we are simultaneously strengthening and streamlining our programs because we will be seeking to become an NANP (National Association of Nutrition Practitioners) approved school soon.


This isn’t changing our curriculum, but strenghtening it to make it more concentrated and succinct.


Time is of the essence for our prospective students, current students, and graduates seeking continuing education. 


Of course, as a side note, we are adding new courses and modalities. 


This is actively in process as I write!


However, some curriculum from dietician school, like depreciating an oven and offering a man with cancer a cooked egg baked in a cake is void of course.


By the way, —the reasoning behind this test question is that the egg is now free of salmonella, and therefore ‘safe’ to consume, the concept of which exists in the outdated framework, erroneous science, and actual bias of the 1950s. 


The egg being the concern, versus the connection between sugar and cancer / tumors, is everything that is wrong with this picture.


Depreciating an oven is the bias on the idea that nutrition / dietician school should be based on outdated societal constructs that nutrition is mostly only relevant to women and not worthy of ‘real medicine’. To hell with the damn oven.


Hippocrates had a clue though. His philosophy was that food is medicine and medicine is food…


These bits about cooked eggs and ovens are simply no longer pragmatic or purposeful. It’s more than that. It’s a mockery. 


It begs the question, “Am I being punk’d right now?”, and other similar such sentiments, like, “Is this a joke?”, I thought to myself as I read Dr. Gibson’s article referenced above.


As the days passed on processing this information, it began to dawn on me…


When it comes to society’s (medical demographics / authorities) low standards for actual nutritional education and bias towards women in the field….


Could it be any lower? Could it possibly be any more of an outdated, sexist, or double standard?  


More on nutritional requirements for ‘licensed medical doctors / physicians’ below.


Why do I cite bias?


Here’s why.


Before I started the Rockwell School of Holistic Medicine, I seriously considered just going to med school. 


After reading allllll about the sobering reality of that, I decided it wasn’t my path.


Having the right to make a lot of money, treat, diagnose, and prescribe, and have access to all lab testing options just wasn’t going to be worth the price, both literally and figuratively. 


I had noooo desire to sit in med school studying pharmaceuticals over red light therapy and oxygen medicine. 


I had no desire for hospital politics or to work under fluorescent lights working 80-120 hour workweeks…. 


Read all about our article on TNDs vs. NDs vs MDs here where we talk about how a traditional naturopath’s education differs from a licensed naturopaths and that of a licensed medical “doctor / physician”.


Corruption begins early in the young med school students collegiate career.


They’re education is predominantly founded in pharmacology vs. prevention at the start.


Most are taught to think in a box, because med school has essentially been militarized and its graduates have been rigidly, dogmatically indoctrinated not to think for themselves or ‘question the system’. 


They are brainwashed against any logic when it comes to anything that comes between treating symptoms with drugs, such as examining possible root causes. 


Science should be fluid, intuitive, and full of discovery simply for the love of it, —specifically for the love of answers… 


Of course, not everyone cares about answers, but we here at Rockwell sure do! It is, in fact, our lifeblood. 


You will find some less than enchanting stats on the grueling, often unrewarding life of conventional medical doctors, who themselves often can’t even make time for self-care / health due to the inhumanity of their work schedules.


This is a systemic issue in that the requirements for med school eliminate many qualified individuals who would otherwise have the stamina for it, minus a learning disability in math / chemistry.


This is a great tragedy and disservice to the public and others who would serve. 


They also have the highest suicide rates of any profession, which needs more looking into.


The whole system, and I don’t mean just med school, needs a “re-do” from the ground up… 


I won’t go into a lot of depth here, but I will skim the surface. 


For more details, read the article linked above. If you only wish to read the MD part, scroll past the TND verses ND sections.


In the process of reconsidering med school, I learned that when a nurse wants to study and become a ‘doctor’ (nurse practitioner), he/she has to study a lot less science based stuff and more ‘women type’ stuff.


Whereas when an EMT wants to become a doctor as a physician assistant he/she gets to study more fun, hard sciences.


This is not fair, but it’s ‘just the way it is’.


When a licensed medical doctor went to med school, he got 1-4 hours of nutrition DEPENDING ON WHERE THEY ATTENDED.


It’s often actually only 1 hour !! NO JOKE.


That baffled me. 


Pioneering herbalist, Susun Weed, discusses these concepts in her writings / books.


Plain and simple, conventional medicine represents the ‘heroic traditions’ of ‘medicine’ vs. the feminine and holistic methods of living / eating in season and listening to our bodies, for example.


Healing from herbs was for witches and savages. No interest was given to food and nutrition much either. Why?… Such things were for women / womyn / wombyn / wemoon. 


I like to use those terms for ‘women’ to get people thinking… 


Just let it simmer.


I assume this is why men folk (who for many years defined curriculum for the American Medical Association standards of med school) has a zero sum focus on prevention / diet. 


That was ‘women’s work’ and had no place in the male-dominant, patriarchal, heroism /egoism of conventional medicine. 


They were focused on heroic measures of surgeries and drugs, but skipped all the more intuitive (common sense) aspects of health like diet and plants. Daft much?


Again, it’s not the ‘doctors’ or the student’s fault. It’s systemic. They are the byproduct of corruption. By that I mean the byproduct of pharma dictating med school curriculum. 


Conventional medicine I would describe as deeply patriarchal, ego-based, and colonized. I like to think it’s getting better, but hmmm….


As though diet has nothing to do with disease!?


Ok, but yet, diabetes is a lifestyle disease… So much disease is, in fact, lifestyle…


Conventional doctors generally treat disease, diagnose conditions, and prescribe drugs (pharmaceuticals). 


They do not reverse symptoms and explore root causes. They do not have a big focus on functional relationships, stress-management and emotional wellbeing.


Of course, many of us are looking for quick fixes and non-compliant with what good advice a doctor does offer.


Regardless, I see bias everywhere in terms of double-standard / ignorance in ‘education’.


Share your thoughts. Do you think, after this article, that dietician school / education needs reform?


I love all my dietitians out there, but I will not be scheduling an appointment for your knowledge on what is nutritionally sound.


Until you know everything in our Advanced Holistic Nutrition Doctorate, I just would not trust what you have to say in terms of nutritional competency, honest to goodness.


Our students already learn about immunology, gene expression, and things of that nature that our dietician counterparts learn. 


I don’t know who wrote the program or who is responsible for the ‘dietician’ school curriculum, but asking about how to depreciate an oven, and telling the man with cancer to have the lemon cake because the egg is ‘cooked’ is biased on targeting nutrition / diet as a woman’s work.


Additionally, it is a mockery of our good sense and violates the justice of people over profits (see the comments in the linked article for examples).


It is reminiscent of home economics. 


I love home ec. 


I learned a lot, like the differences between need vs. want, but the questions on the test for dietician school that Piper cites are 1., lazy 2., ignorant 3., stupid 4., a mockery 5., insulting… 6. actually downright dangerous… 7., sad… 8., unfortunate… 9., unfair to the man / client / patient and his family… 10., shameless / scandalous / embarrassing!


I will stop there. 


Hopefully this is a rare, one-off and all other dietician schools (I pray) are now ‘on point’! Yet we are taught to only take nutritional advice from registered dietitians. And always, always consult your doctor in case one of the foods your focused on interferes with your drugs or cancer treatment. 


Bizarre times, indeed. 


The dietician is not the problem, the system is.


Until we value prevention and recession of dis-ease states, and use conventional medicine / drugs as a last resort, we will continue to put profits before people. 


This seems to be the agenda.


We can make use of acute care by modern medicine, and make use of disease categorization, as well as quality lab testing without relying on it for everything that it isn’t qualified to do. 


It is not qualified to hypothesize, locate, and/or eradicate root causes, endeavor full remission of symptoms in life and in labs, etc.


Take a look at our Advanced Holistic Nutrition Doctorate Program here, and read the article by Piper here on why she chose the Rockwell School of Holistic Medicine’s nutrition program over any other conventional dietician route out there.



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