I was ordering from Whole Foods delivery and took a chance on two Mad Hippie products, which needless to day, at $22 each, or thereabouts, I was quite disappointed.

Find out why in this video here where I express my frustration with our often non-sensical society at large.

It baffles me how so many benign products are pulled from shelves, think the most effective form of B6 —illegal in the US, and removing NAC recently from the shelves, when studies show that it makes almost 80% of people infected with Covid-19, asymptomatic.

It’s obv the natural vaccine, yet the FDA and government allow us to touch receipts full of BPA (endocrine disruptor / proven cancer causer)…

I shake my had and ask why!? If this bothers you as well, please consider running for office or supporting quality people who are! Change happens when we speak up and make our voices heard. —and through our purchases. 

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