Practicing Medicine

Our graduates may not and do not, practice “conventional” medicine or licensed naturopathy.

—Unless they are also a licensed medical professional.

You may be wondering, who would want to practice licensed medicine, unless they are also a licensed medical professional.  We actually do have students who are physician assistants and/or licensed practical nurses. These people can practice within their rights and responsibilities.

These people have seen the limits of modern, conventional medicine, and desire to include a holistic approach in their practice.

However, holistic health practitioners know so much about alternative medicine.  I shorten it to “alt med”, which is totally alternative to ‘conventional’ medicine. And holistic health practitioners know so much about complementary medicine. Complementary medicine means just what it sounds like. It complements conventional medicine. An example of this is when cancer patients also do acupuncture. Holistic health practitioners should be thrilled, ecstatic, and proud to practice that alone.

We do not need to pretend to be doctors, nor should we envy them. If you’re wondering why a holistic health practitioner should not be jealous of someone with a licensed medical degree, then you may be in the wrong field. Licensed medical doctors do not have it easy. You can learn more about their path here, which might help you determine whether traditional naturopathy, licensed naturopathy, or conventional medicine is right for you. 

We agree that conventional medicine has its place,  —and so does holistic medicine. However, sometimes the lines get blurred by irresponsible individuals in both fields, as conventional medicine is statistically the 3rd leading cause of death, but graduates of holistic medicine schools make errors to. Do not become a headline. Here are a few such unfortunate examples. 

Click here to see what happens when holistic practitioners pretend to be medical doctors.

Click here to read another example of what not to do if you are a holistic health practitioner.

Click here for a more recent example…. *which now requires a subscription*.

This is why we do our best to screen students through our FAQ, blog posts, and graduation requirements. We weed out people trying to practice via such methods. It’s also why we give our students their own registration numbers.  

As an additional note, our graduates are not approved to perform injections unless they are also a licensed medical professional, and only then if done in the appropriate setting. 

This  makes the whole industry look bad, and it is unfortunate, but seriously, don’t let that bother you too much, considering conventional medicine is the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States. Such cases are certainly more isolated, verses the issues with conventional medicine, which are widespread.

We just wanted to throw that out there as a reminder to keep things in perspective. Or, in case you didn’t know that conventional medicine comes with its own challenges.

This is the same with any industry. However, there is liability because its health related work. This means our students are not permitted / discourages from using the terms ‘treat, diagnose, or prescribe’ in their practice.

This isn’t a difficult request for our graduates, but this is also why we must screen people through the graduation process, which you can learn more about in our FAQ.

We are proud of what we do, which includes practicing all sorts of cool modalities to help the public in proven ways that licensed medical providers are often unaware of, such as being well versed in alternative weather therapies, medical ozone, iodine, and ortho med. 

Our knowledge is greatly needed more and more as people seek alternatives to conventional medicine. So don’t let naysayers or a few bad eggs make you shy away from your destiny if you feel called work with others as a health coach or advocate (holistic health practitioner). 

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