These are the graduation requirements continued from our FAQ page.

In review, there are 5 steps for students to meet graduation eligibility and receive their certificate of completion, or (COC), which include the following:

  • completion of program coursework

Students enrolled in the Rockwell Tri-Doctorate (RTD) generally choose to complete one program at a time.

  • review of completed coursework
  • 20-minute exit interview
  • doctoral thesis
  • pay remaining tuition

We expand more on this below.

Students are to complete all required modules in their chosen program, which includes general lessons, video lectures, reading, and essays —ie., all materials contained therein. 


Traditional Naturopathy (TND) 

Module 1, Module 2, & Module 4, Module 7

Clinical Herbalism (CHD)

Module 1, Module 3, & Module 4, Module 7

Advanced Holistic Nutrition (AHND)

Module 1, Module 5, Module 7

Spiritual Medicine (SMEA)

Module 6

Optional Modules for All Programs

Module 8 is optional

Once all required coursework is complete, members of the Board will review it and notify students if any essays are missing, for example.

After all coursework has been verified and authenticated, pending graduates will move to the second step in the graduation process by scheduling their in person, 20-minute Zoom interview here.

The exit interview consists of pertinent questions specific to your program and mandatory highlights to ensure that you are ready to work with the public, —and that the School of Holistic Medicine will not incur any liability or ethics issues due to your future practice.

If you aren’t sure what we mean by future liability, here are some examples that reflect poorly on educators and peer graduates as a whole. 

We want our graduates to practice with wisdom and discernment so we can maintain our credibility as a whole. What one graduate does affects and reflects on the rest of our graduates, positively or negatively. With practice comes responsibility.

This is the main reason why we cover basics during the exit interview to assess that students are ready, willing, and able to practice safely, responsibly, and ethically.

The exit interview lasts approximately 20-minutes and is required. If more time is needed, we will let you know, but that is normally sufficient.

Once the Board has verified a pending graduate’s coursework, and once the pending graduate has completed their exit interview, they may then begin writing and/or submit their doctoral thesis. Here’s a few things to keep in mind about the doctoral thesis. 

A normal doctoral thesis required at a conventional college does not exceed 80,000 words, and will normally be over 60,000 words

Our doctoral thesis is much less intensive, but every holistic health school does require them. Don’t be daunted. It’s a worthy project. 

You can read more about our doctoral thesis requirements here. 

Finally, graduates pay their tuition in full before being issued their COC.

This is the standard for all holistic health educators. Our bursar will email you a link to submit your final tuition payment.

Once tuition is received, and all of the previous 4 steps have been completed, you will be provided with a link to download your printable COC.

We suggest printing it on unbleached, recycled card stock and framing it in your office or place of work. It’s absolutely beautiful and you earned it!

You can find samples of our COCs at the bottom of the FAQ page.