Doctorate of Holistic Nutrition

We teach such theories on deep nutrition so we are able to provide people with the information they need to make informed decisions about their health and that of their family’s. 

Our program is not a conventional nutrition program where you will be certified to practice legally in every state. Your rights will vary depending on your state and country. 

What is an advanced holistic nutritionist? 

A doctor of advanced holistic nutrition (DAHN), studies radical nutrition and fringe medicine, such as how ketogenic diets are being used clinically to manage not only epilepsy, but some types of cancers and autoimmune conditions, as well.

We are currently seeking national certification via NANP (National Association of Nutritional Professionals), which will require us to add 150 anatomy and physiology hours to our base DAHNP (Doctorate of Advanced Holistic Nutrition Program). 

This is not a fast process, and students who graduate before this process is completed can come back and finish any required additions to the curriculum. 

We are also seeking to get our vitamin course, which is included in the DAHNP, NANP certified for greater credibility for our students and for our school. 

At this time, the AHNDP is more of a self-enrichment program for the holistic minded, which often includes parents of small children or adult children with aging parents. 

We also attract a lot of individuals who want to study holistic nutrition due to a desire to reverse symptoms of autoimmune conditions and chronic disease. 

Our graduates are provided with information on developing their business model and personal branding in Module 8. 

Practitioners go on to teach others about the real facts on nutrition, yet stay within the legal framework and laws of their individual states. 

Our program is so thorough, and so wonderful, you have to see the full curriculum with your own eyes in order to believe it! 

In fact, most prospective students enroll simply because they fall in love with the many concepts this program teaches that they had never even considered as a part of nutrition and dietary theory. 

This program is definitely life changing. 

What We Love About This Holistic Nutritionist Program.


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