Doctorate Of Clinical Herbalism.

There are many incredible herbalism programs on the market today, but what sets ours apart from the others is its sheer richness and diversity. 

The breadth and depth of it comprises everything anyone would ever want to know about herbalism and plant medicine.

What is a clinical herbalist? 

A clinical herbalist is a type of holistic practitioner who predominantly utilizes their knowledge of herbs and plant medicine, such as medicinal mushrooms, to help support others in manifesting their full health potential.

You will gain an extraordinary amount of knowledge of medicinal mushrooms and herbal medicine making as they are used in the west and indigenously across cultures through Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, and Native American Herbalism.

 We also include an entire module which is based on where naturopathy and herbalism meet, come together, overlap, and crossover in subjects such as parasitology, homeopathy, and iridology. 

Other modalities included in this program are aromatherapy, applied kinesiology, and vibrational medicine through flower essences. 

We hope to open your eyes with our heart-centered approach to cannabis and the miracle of medical marijuana which is now being used for a myriad of clinical health issues. 

Students also learn about herbal antivirals and natural antibacterials. We do teach our clinical herbalist students about genetic and lab testing which can be utilized in conjunction with their herbal studies to help guide people on the path to manifesting their full health potential. 

Although there are several areas where naturopathy and herbalism do overlap, herbalism on its own has a much greater focus on plant medicine and medicinal mushrooms than naturopathy alone. Whereas naturopathy has more of a focus on modalities outside of plant medicine. 

However, both disciplines can be applied alone or together. Some students will study one or the other, while other students will study and apply both disciplines in their practice.  

Graduates will learn about personal branding and be provided business education in Module 8, and use the title of Doctor of Clinical Herbalism, or DCH. 

Practitioners of our clinical herbalism program may seek board certification with any number of holistic board certifiers provided in the learning content.

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