Do you have urgent questions about our school or programs? We were planning on that, so we’ve put together our most frequently asked questions in one convenient place for you to find the answer you’re looking for. Please take a few moments to look through our FAQ below! This page contains information on accreditation, certification, eligibility requirements, and much more. 

We are a distance-learning provider of slightly rebellious, off the beaten path natural health programs that you won't find at your local university or community college.

We currently do not have a campus, but we are considering opening one so students and graduates can gather for yearly clinicals, and local residents can attend classes and workshops. 

What do Rockwell Grads Do?

Each program has its own page and fact sheet. Please read through the program FAQ for information on our programs, board certification, accreditation, and tuition. 

Please read the general FAQ here, as well as the individual program FAQ for your doctorate of interest. Once you've familiarized yourself with that information, and asked any questions you have in advance, we can then encourage you to enroll through the menu above!

In theory, anyone can learn and apply the principles we teach, but we do have a screening process to make sure we're a good fit for your unique needs.

You can read all about accreditation below.

Accreditation in Depth

Most people are surprised to learn that board certification is always optional for both licensed medical professionals and holistic medicine practitioners.

While some graduates feel absolutely no pressure to participate in board certification, and feel it is perhaps "too mainstream" or conformist, —other graduates feel it gives them that extra boost in confidence they need to be perceived more professionally.

Such individuals may seek board certification through any or all of the following organizations, which include the American Naturopathic Certification Board (ANCB) —our first choice, the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board, and the American Association for Drugless Practitioners.

Please note that even though we do not seek 'professional accreditation' from the ANCMB or the AADP (the ANCB does not offer it), our students are still welcome to gain board certification from them.

Please see the 'Accreditation' tab in this FAQ for more information on that subject. And for more information on board certification and the above organizations, you may read our article on Board Certification for Holistic Medicine Practitioners.

We offer 5 different tuition payment plans and different income-based scholarships to those in need. Scholarships are for the full Rockwell Tri-Doctorate. Students can complete one or all of the programs in the RTD. See the Tuition tab in the navigation menu above for more info!

Please note, courses are non-refundable for those on scholarship and tuition payment plans. Students are responsible for cancelling their own payment plans inside of their student account if they choose to discontinue access. 

Students learn from a complete repertoire of materials including our beautiful handpicked textbooks that students will use as desk references throughout their entire career. Additional learning materials range from periodic journals, video lectures, anecdotal theory from personal experience across the globe, and evidence-based studies in natural medicine.

Students are responsible for purchasing their own required textbooks and course materials just like at a regular university or community college. 

Each of our 5 holistic medicine programs comprise 8 unique interchangeable learning modules which vary depending on your focus of study. For more information on program curriculums, please see the Module tab in the navigation menu above. 

Our testing consists of multiple-choice exams and long or short-form essays.

Unlike most natural health and herbal studies programs, Rockwell students have lifetime access and continuing education at no additional cost to ensure your knowledge stays current on trends in evidence-based natural medicine.

It takes 40-50 hours to compete Module 1. We are currently testing remaining modules for approximate completion times. A student working 10-12 hours per week should have no trouble completing a program with 9 months to 1-year. Students who can dedicate more time can complete programs much faster. Most students complete one program at a time within the coursework of the Rockwell Tri-Doctorate (RTD). 

Are you ready to develop the skills you need to become an expert in your field? Our programs help prepare the most highly-trained and in demand holistic medicine practitioners in the world. Students want a school they can be proud of and a name they can trust. That name is Rockwell.

How can you tell if Rockwell is right for you? Do you absolutely love the quality of our programs? Do you appreciate a quick response to any concerns? Do you want to go to a school where your voice is heard and your opinion matters? Does Rockwell resonate with your ideas of what a holistic medicine school should be?

These are the biggest deciding factors for those who choose Rockwell. 

We love vegans and vegetarians, who are always more than welcome to study our Advanced Holistic Nutrition Program or our Rockwell Tri-Doctorate, both of which contain Module 5, our Advanced Holistic Nutrition core curriculum. 

Please keep in mind that this includes an entire section that presents a compelling case for veganism / vegetarianism.

However, please be aware, as a student of Rockwell, studying the AHND program, you will be also be required to learn about AIP (autoimmune paleo), nourishing traditions (Weston A. Price), and ketogenic diets, which sometimes utilize animal-based food products, as Rockwell grads must have full working knowledge of all traditional and therapeutic diets. 

Please take this into consideration when applying.

In Module 8, students will learn all about the business side of things. They will learn about bedside manner and holistic business practices to help prepare them to better serve their communities. Graduates receive custom certificates of completion with any program they finish. Certificates of completion include a unique Rockwell ID# for public verification, which helps ensure responsible practice and public trust above all else.

Here are our various certificates of completion that our graduates may choose from. Our newer, classically designed certificates are at the top and our more decorative, vintage certificates are towards the bottom. Students are provided with a digital copy so they can adjust the print size to their chosen frame.

Our graduates may not treat disease, diagnose medical conditions, prescribe pharmaceutical drugs, or in any way 'pretend' to be, or mislead the public into thinking they are a licensed medical doctor. This includes the use of needles and performing injections of any kind, unless the graduate is also a licensed medical professional, and only then if done in an appropriate setting. We reserve the right to revoke a Rockwell Registration ID# and alert the public via any inquiries if a graduate is found to be practicing outside our standards and ethics, per the above guidelines. You may read more about that here.

To connect with peers, we provide a list of industry related events inside our learning management software. Enrolled students also have access to the private, Rockwell student FB group where they can connect with other students and program directors, or just ask health related questions for their personal practice. 

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