This is a continuation from our article on Graduation Requirements. 

Each one of our programs with required modules consists of about 120-180 actual course hours, —depending on the program of choice. 

This is when optional modules are not included. 

Required reading hours will vary and not all of our modules include required reading because we provide printable reference guides. 

Our printable reference guides outline previously required reading, but still consists of independent bodies of work outside of the school. 

However, there are some major 3rd party textbooks we use that contain imagery, diagrams, and tables which can’t be replaced. 

Required reading can mostly be found in modules 4 and 5, and module 3 to a lesser degree. 

Even with any required reading, our programs are still more affordable than other health schools when book prices are included. 

Why do we keep our prices so low and provide our graduates with lifetime access? 

This is an unregulated industry and you aren’t required to go to school before practicing, but it’s almost always helpful and necessary. We keep that in mind when we determine pricing.

It’s a bit rare to find someone who is self-taught but who also has the confidence and foundation to practice independently of a 3rd party educator. The point is, it’s not required!

Additionally, our students can complete a program in three, six, or nine months, depending on how many hours they can contribute weekly.

I personally do not believe 40 hours, like New Eden’s program referenced Graduation Requirements, is quite enough for one complete program to give a graduate the confidence and skill sets they need to practice safely and responsibly.