Comparing Alternative Educational Standards to Conventional Educational Standards

Despite lack of educational oversight in herbalism and other holistic medicine specialities, every year, thousands of students make the decision to embark on the educational journey of a lifetime.

Some want to make a career out of it while others just want to study in order expand their own personal knowledge.

Both types of students have decided this is what they love, so this is what they’re going to learn.

Additionally, most of these individuals realize that this is alternative education, and as such, conventional rules and expectations can not apply. As the saying goes, it’s simply a case of apples and oranges.

By that we mean, alternative education is, well, alternative! It’s more like vocational or apprenticeship if you want think of it that way. Yet, make no mistake about it, they are not easy programs and require considerable time and dedication.

This being said, alternative educators simply will not have the same defining aspects, rules, and regulations as traditionally defined by conventional college.

We go into detail with that in our article Accreditation & Certification here. In that sense, if people want to learn something “outside the box”, what do they do? Where do they go? They may have to find a way or make one.

Some people study alone and are self-taught (autodidactic). Others want more guidance and structure. Maybe they want a school that stands behind them and gives lifetime access to continuing education, like Rockwell.

We offer off the beaten path holistic medicine programs that you won’t find at your local university or community college. We provide these educational alternatives for those who would otherwise have none, for those whom ‘conventional’ education has nothing to offer.

By that we mean, perhaps you can’t find anything you really want to study at ‘regular’ colleges, so you discovered Rockwell!

And did you know that…

If you reside in the United States, and most other countries, you can practice holistic modalities within any speciality, without a license or certification, and you can legally charge for your services as a holistic practitioner, whether that’s for iridology, herbalism, homeopathy, etc.

Of course, always be responsible and check/verify the laws in your state or country of residence.

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