This is an offshoot from the Accreditation and Certification articles that are specific to traditional naturopathy.

As a side note, the only time we use “certified” is when students use the professional title of CHHP (Certified Holistic Health Practitioner) in place of TND (Traditional Naturopath Doctor).

In this sense, we only certify completion of our program. Generally speaking, ‘certifications’ in holistic health are not the same like CPR or First Aid —where a governmental or state body dictates the educational requirements to be met. 

However the  word “Certified” is optional, and it may or may not be used in the professional designation. Some students prefer the stand alone HHP for holistic health practitioner. 

CHHP or HHP is the best alternative title, or professional designation, for traditional naturopaths working in states that license naturopathic physicians, or for those working in the few states who do not allow naturopathic practice of any kind, licensed or traditional.  

Yes, there are some states that do not even allow licensed naturopathy. In such cases, graduates work as holistic health practitioners. 

We ask students who are interested in traditional naturopathy to stay up to date on the legislation in their states pertaining to these issues to determine the best professional designation for them. In states where it is forbidden, we encourage the CHHP designation.