While on one hand, it’s easy to blame the school, people are responsible for their actions. That is why we go out of our way to make practitioner rights and privileges crystal clear.  

I personally consider mental illness a widespread epidemic wherein people (ie., most of us), fall on a spectrum, with all of us experiencing some degree of unprocessed trauma versus the people in these headlines who appear to be extremely mentally ill. 

These are not the kind of headlines we want to make, which is why we have an exit interview. We want to protect the school and its graduates best interest and reputation. 

Here’s an excerpt of one such article, which we cite below. 

The headline reads, —”Another teen endangered by alternative medicine.” To read the entire story, click the link below the excerpt. In short, a teenager died due to unethical practice.

“By way of background, Vermell Mitchell’s degree in naturopathy was obtained from the Trinity School of Natural Healing based in Warsaw, IN.”

The article continues, “Gonzalez’s school, Trinity School of Natural Health, is accredited by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification and Accreditation Board, incorporated in Las Vegas, according to the school’s website.”

“We have not, nor do we plan to seek accreditation through the U.S. Department of Education,” the school said on its website. (—End quote.)

—And therein lies the catch. You can read more accreditation for Trinity School of Natural Health and New Eden School of Natural Health here. 

You can read the article excerpted above by clicking here.

Here is another headline and excerpt:

“In April 2015, she received a naturopathic practitioner (NP) diploma from the New Eden School of Natural Health & Herbal Studies. The “RNHP” designation, which stands for Registered Natural Health Practitioner, is available from the International Association of Natural Health Practitioners.”

The articles goes on to state,”New Eden offers correspondence courses intended to prepare “natural health consultants and practitioners” for employment in health food stores, whole food markets, vitamin companies, health clinics, wellness centers, spas, health clubs, gyms, and weight loss centers, as well as their own natural health business or consultation service. Its Naturopathic Practitioner (NP) diploma program, which costs $2,000, is said to provide”the education needed to offer competent naturopathic counseling.” It consists of 20 courses totaling “40 credit hours” that are presented in eBooks, most of which were written by the school’s founder and president, Lawrence DeSantis, CN, CFMP, ND, D.PSc.” (—End quote.)

You can read the full article on the New Eden graduate here.

—A Side Note: This is why I would never go to New Eden. While they have some good coursework, I feel the curriculum is far too limited and biased with only ‘in-house’ (and dated) reading from predominantly one author. 

You can read more about the natural health schools I personally would, or would not go to, here.

You can read more about our programs, required reading, and how they differentiate in credit hours from New Eden School of Natural Health here.

Just so you know, this kind of crazy stuff is not relegated to just alternative adult education.

In fact, it even happens to licensed naturopaths, as you will see in the following article, wherein the state of California reportedly received 33 complaints against licensed naturopathic physicians for irresponsible practice in just one year.

Here’s a quick excerpt:

“About five weeks ago, naturopathic doctor (ND) Kim Kelly gave an intravenous injection of curcumin that killed Jade Erick, 30, who sought “natural” treatment for eczema. Her death sparked outrage across the country, while naturopathic doctors scrambled to defend this senseless treatment. Now, details about Kelly’s practice and the faulty regulation of naturopathic doctors in California raise questions about whether Erick could have been alive today.”

This is why our graduates are absolutely forbidden to perform injections and/or use needles on clients unless otherwise licensed to do so, —and only then in the appropriate setting. 

We practice holistic health which is by default considered non-invasive

If we feel medical ozone is warranted, we can refer that out. The client still comes to you for all guidance and education. The person we refer them out to does not ‘steal’ your client. 

There is no competition. We do not lose clients this way. We build trust and community by knowing our strengths and knowing our limits. 

Many of the practitioners in these headlines have some kind of a god-complex. They unfortunately lack grace, humility, and discernment.

You can read the above referenced article here. 

My opinion is that this is 100% unacceptable. It’s hard to believe that the article above is in reference to US Department of Education ‘accredited’ med schools churning out licensed naturopathic physicians.

The articles that preceded it, however, were about non-US Department of Education approved, ‘professionally accredited’ schools churning out traditional naturopaths. 

You can read more about why we do not participate in any kind of fear-based marketing and ‘professional accreditation’ here. 

We also see this very same nonsense in conventional medicine where licensed medical doctors are sometimes charged with fraud, breach of ethics, and/or malpractice. 

In fact, it’s so bad in conventional medicine, that it’s considered the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States. Of course, if natural medicine were the 3rd leading cause of death, it would be illegal to practice. 

The honest bottom line is that this stuff does happen in every industry, but we do not want our graduates making these types of headlines, —thus the need for exit interviews.

All of this being said, do not let it frighten you out of your intended career path. Why? 

We still need holistic health practitioners across the globe, now more than ever. Natural medicine has become a multi-billion dollar industry. 

People want alternatives to conventional medicine. They want options. They need options. 

So, please be a part of the solution by practicing, and by practicing as ethically as possible!