In case you were wondering, anecdotal theory consists of your own first hand, personal experience with a subject. 

It’s what you’ve seen work in your own life or practice. 

It’s what you’ve researched independently, or learned through your education. It consists of that which you’ve read and heard from others in person or via online forums through trial and error.

Anecdotal theory is essentially first hand evidence, but also consists of multiple people’s first hand experiences.

The scientific community generally disqualifies, discount, dismiss, and invalidate anecdotal theory, however I consider it “the people’s medicine”.

People’s private experiences are extremely valid and relevant in a society where big money pays for big studies that push agendas. Anecdotal evidence is a smaller sample of lay scientists and personal testimony which is worth its weight in gold.

People in positions of authority, such as some hard-nosed scientists, natural medicine detractors, and some physicians will discount these solutions, but we do not invalidate others in this manner. 

A discerning eye is vital for objectivity and non-bias. As a holistic health practitioner, you are somewhat of an informal, lay scientist and a detective constantly putting things together through your time, energy, and sacrifice to support the masses.

You have the opportunity, as a holistic health practitioner, to reach millions of people on your platform through social media. It’s important to be able to think independently and objectively.