What’s Humidity Got to Do With It? 

According to some experts, during the winter there is an increase risk of upper respiratory infections, in part because dry air indoors from furnaces running non stop dry out the air inside your home.

Not only that, though. This also dries up the mucosa, which normally slows the spread of viral droplets that may cause disease.

Research shows that 50-60%+ humidity is ideal to decrease general respiratory infections.

You can purchase an instrument called a hygrometer, for only $10.

Here are our 2 picks, depending on your preference.

Govee Temperature Humidity Monitor

And the Little Good 5″ Indoor Outdoor Hygrometer

Visit the post in our bio for our favorite one —along with our favorite humidifiers that let you adjust the exact humidity in your space, and a portable car humidifier option for those of you in the dry southwest.

Not only that, low humidity exacerbates dry skin, dry eyes, and we’ve even heard reports of low humidity making teeth more sensitive.

We personally use and love the BPA-free Cool Mist Ultrasonic Digital Humidifier

And this Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers, a BPA-free portable one for the car and travel.

What do you think? What’s your favorite humidifier? 

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