On the AHG & Registered Herbalists

The American Herbalists Guild (AHG) is a professional organization that provides a peer-reviewed professional Registered Herbalist (RH) designation. This RH simply demonstrates that an herbalist has achieved a level of proficiency evaluated and recognized by his or her herbalist peers.

While some herbalists seek to achieve this designation, others do not, as it does require testing, paid membership, and annual renewal. Other people join just to support the American Herbalist Guild itself and have a sense of community.  

The AHG offers free monthly webinars to the public so it’s worth signing up to their newsletter at a minimum.

If you want to get more connected with the herbalist community, check out Plant Healer’s Herberia and The American Botanical Council. We also love Mountain Rose Herbs and Starwest Botanicals, the latter of which offers wholesale accounts at a greatly reduced cost of herbal supplies.

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