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Board certification is optional for holistic medicine practitioners.

A lot of people don’t realize it, but it’s also optional for licensed medical professionals. 

Many licensed medical doctors may get ongoing board certification early in their career and taper off after so many years of acquiring it. Those who let it drop off have usually already established their patient base or are close to retirement. Some are simply exasperated of continuing education that is also required to maintain board cert.

So while board certification is not technically necessary, or required in any way, some people really want it as it makes them feel more professional. 

For those individuals, they can get board certification through the ANMCB (American Naturopathic Certification Medical Board), the ANCB (American Naturopathic Certification Board), and the American Association for Drugless Practitioners. Herbalists may register with the AHG (American Herbalist Guild).

Each of these organizations provide some educational resources and/or lobby for natural health rights in some way. 


The ANCB offers naturopathy, nutrition, and herbal board certification. Their cost is $495, which includes an extensive study guide, practice test, and suggested reading.

Webinar test review is expected to be completed by fall.

Board certification from ANCB is good for one year. Renewal cost is $75 and requires proof of 10 CEU (continuing education units/credits).

Rockwell offers lifetime access and continuing education at no additional cost which should cover CEUs for ANCB renewal.

This is a live, in person, supervised board-certification exam by proctor where someone travels to oversee test administration.

Students are given one additional opportunity to retake any section of the test they fail at no additional cost.


An ANMCB Board Certification application packet can be found on their website where you can submit an application with all the required documents.

Upon receipt, the Board will review the application and then send an ANMCB Study Guide for the exam. The study guide provides an overview of the exam. ANMCB applications need to be submitted 30 days prior to the exam date. 

Currently they are offering the option to apply for Board Certification and become a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association (ANMA), and entrance into the ANMA Convention. This is offered at $900 which is a discount of $245. If only Board Certification is desired, then the cost is $695.

Upon approval the Board Certification is current for one year, to maintain the Board Certification, there is a renewal fee of $150 and 20 CEU required to be submitted annually, which Rockwell provides for any board certification through our continuing education and semi-annual updates at now additional cost.

The ANCMB Exam is given in August each year, during the American Naturopathic Medical Association’s Annual Convention in Las Vegas, NV. Check their website for their next scheduled event.

There they offer a two day ANMCB Prep Course in person.

Currently it is being offered only by the International Institute of Natural Wellness Education- Know Your Wellness.  You can visit them for more information.

We do offer the ANMCB Exam to be given by a Proctoring Service in their local area for those who can not travel to our live exam.

You can click here for more details. There is an additional $100 cost to have the ANMCB Exam to be given by Proctor, similar to the ANCB.


The AADP is a third party verification service for Board Certification for MDs to Herbalist as a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP).

They review all applications on an individual basis. They provide an extensive verification of the applicant’s educational background. They told us that many times a test is not required. If one is required, the test can be taken at their local library or a local testing facility.

The Board Certification fee is $285.00 and an annual renewal fee of $150.00 of which an reminder email will be sent to them. On their homepage at,  the applicant can find a simple online or printable application more info and a list of professional benefits.

Please visit the individual websites for more information on each board certification provider.

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